Caring Crate is a one-of-a-kind subscription service curating high-quality gift boxes filled with 4-5 full-sized health and wellness related products. We seek to provide you with the fun and thoughtful essentials necessary to care for your mind and body. Perfect for those suffering from chronic illness or experiencing mental health issues, Caring Crate's selection of goods are chosen specifically to help you feel better and feel good

As a student of psychology and health/wellness blogger, caring crate founder Janelle Martel has channelled her love of psychology and passion for helping others into crafting the perfect box through Caring Crate that feels like a little gift to yourself. 


Caring Crate seeks to make self-care a positive & thoughtful experience

Taking care of our mental and physical well-being can be difficult, but with Caring Crate, it doesn't have to be. Whether you're suffering from a chronic illness or have a mental health issue, we want to help you feel better so you can get back to being yourself again. 

We take the health of our minds and bodies seriously - what better way to show ourselves a little extra love than with a thoughtfully curated box of goodies? Caring Crate making self-care a positive experience again, with a selection of products aimed at helping you take care of your mental and physical wellness. 

Our Crates are curated to give you the "tools" for self-care

Each box subscription offered by Caring Crate includes a carefully curated selection of products. From healthy snacks and wellness products, to journals and aromatherapy, there's a little something for everyone in every Caring Crate box. 

Unlike other box subscription services, Caring Crate is focused entirely on your well-being. We skip the roundup of one-use products and instead provide you with the "tools" you need to care for your own well-being. Think of it as a gift to yourself, sans guilt. 

I personally love subscription boxes, from the feeling of excitement I get when I see a new one on my doorstep, to the awesome feeling of finding a new product I love. I searched and searched for a box that was designed for those with mental health issues or chronic illness, and was shocked when I couldn’t find one, because I think it is something a lot of people could benefit from. So I decided to start one myself!
— Janelle Martel, Founder of Caring Crate