13 Mental Health Podcasts to Listen To

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From mental wellness to serious looks at mental illness, these podcasts can help provide you with practical tips to improve your health, stories that make you feel a little less alone, and may even get you laughing, too.


Not Another Anxiety Show

Host Kelli Walker is a registered nurse and certified health and wellness coach who has dealt with anxiety for over 15 years.  In her podcast, she interviews experts and shares her own experience, in a way that provides practical advice and shares valuable experience.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:


The Hardcore Self-Help Podcast

Dr. Robert Duff is a practicing psychologist as well as a best-selling author of self-help books. In his podcast, he answers listener's questions about mental health and dives into various topics, all presenting it in an easy and conversational manner.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:


The Hilarious World of Depression

The Hilarious World of Depression is a podcast that combines comedy with depression.  On each episode, host John Moe interviews people who have lived with depression and managed to find humor along the way.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:




10% Happier

After having a panic attack on live television, Dan Harris went on a journey and discovered the benefits of meditation, including reduced stress and improved self-worth, which he covered in his book 10% Happier. In his podcast, he interviews successful people, covering topics like self-improvement.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:



Mind Body Musings

Maddy Moon is a transformational life coach who leans on spirituality, intuition,  and flow.  On her podcast, she sits down with a number of experts and discusses topics like femininity, mindfulness, inner peace, healing, and more.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:


Mental Illness Happy Hour

Mental Illness Happy Hour is a podcast that explores the prevalence of mental health issues in creatives.  Each week, host Paul Gilmartin interviews comedians, authors, artists, doctors, and more, exploring various mental health issues, addiction, trauma, and healing.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:

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Sorta Awesome

Sorta Awesome is a refreshing podcast that covers - all things awesome! Each episode starts with an Awesome of the Week - a discovery or event that made the week that much better.  From there, hosts dig into a variety of topics for chat on everything from culture to trending conversations. 

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:


Good Life Project

The Good Life Project is all about living a better life. Each episode shares an interview with inspiring thought leaders, covering topics like purpose, fear, minimalism, and more.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:

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From the Heart

 Popularly known as Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen's podcast explores her own story, as well as that of her guests, all centered around the heart.  Topics include wellness, yoga, balance, love, and trust.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:


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The Anxiety Podcast

Tim JP Collins is the author of The Anxiety Journal.  In his podcast, he shares his own experience with anxiety, explores research and different things to try, as well as things he is implementing in his own life, like taking a 30-day social media detox.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:


The Anxiety Coaches

Gina Ryan and other co-hosts have all suffered from anxiety themselves.  In each episode, they cover their real experiences with different things to help manage anxiety like meditation, different ways of thinking, medication, and more.  What sets this podcast apart is its conversational tone and realistic approach to anxiety, rather than focusing on a cure.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:


A Bipolar, A Schizophrenic, and a Podcast

A Bipolar, A Schizophrenic, and a Podcast is hosted by a woman living with schizophrenia and a man living with bipolar disorder.  In each episode, they discuss how mental illness has and continues to shape their lives.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started: 




Therapy for Black Girls

Hosted by Dr. Joy, a licensed Psychologist, Therapy for Black Girls is centered around improving mental health for Black women and girls.  Various topics are covered, from dating to career to activism and more.

Must-Listen Episodes to Get Started:


Looking for more podcast recommendations? Check out our favourite podcasts for self-care.

Songs to Inspire Hope in Your Recovery Journey

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With lyrics that inspire you to rise up, these songs can help empower you to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Rise - Selena Gomez

You can tap into the strength you never knew you had
You can breathe into your faith no matter where you’re at
Just close your eyes and change your life
Like the air


Alive - Sia

I'm still breathing, I'm still breathing
I'm alive

Fight Song- Rachel Platten

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I'm alright song

Try - Pink

But just because it burns
Doesn't mean you're gonna die
You've gotta get up and try, and try, and try


The Cave -Mumford & Sons

And I'll find strength in pain
And I will change my ways
I'll know my name as it's called again


I Wanna Get Better — Bleachers

So now I'm standing on the overpass screaming at the cars,
"Hey, I wanna get better!"


Carry On - FUN

If you're lost and alone
Or you're sinking like a stone
Carry on
May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground
Carry on

Survival — Muse

And I’ll reveal my strength
To the whole human race
Yes I am prepared
To stay alive

Praying - Kesha

I'm proud of who I am
No more monsters, I can breathe again

Be Still - The Fray

When darkness comes upon you
And covers you with fear and shame
Be still and know that I'm with you
And I will say your name

Witness - Daughtry

Now you're letting your confusion take control
And leading you down a dark and lonely road
Even that won't last forever
Just look around and see you're not alone
You're not alone


Sunrise - Our Last Night

When the night is cold and you feel like no-one knows
what it's like to be the only one buried in this hole
You can make it to the sunrise.


Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammar

This is just a journey
Drop your worries
You are gonna turn out fine.
Oh, you turn out fine.
Fine, oh, you turn out fine.


Just Keep Breathing - We The Kings

The beginning's just another end
It's not too late to start again
When hope is all too hard to hold
Just take a breath and let it go

Dare You To Move - Switchfoot

I dare you to move
I dare you to move
I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor
I dare you to move
I dare you to move
Like today never happened
Today never happened before

Superheroes - The Script

When you've fighting for it all your life
You've been working every day and night
That’s how a superhero learns to fly
Every day, every hour, turn the pain into power


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How to Transition Your Hygge From Winter to Spring

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Hygge - or the Danish art of coziness - seems almost intuitive in the winter: plenty of warm drinks, cozy blankets, and soothing fires. But, just because the sun is coming back out again and the weather is warming up, doesn't mean you need to leave all the hygge vibes behind.  Continue to embrace hygge with these ideas which are perfect for spring.

Fresh Flowers

Nothing quite brightens up a room like some fresh flowers.  Pick some from the garden or grab some from the store, and place them in a vase in a room you're in often to add some colour and a lovely scent.



Treats are an important part of hygge!  While you may have been reaching for rich, butter-y cookies in the winter, maybe your spring bakes might be a little bit lighter - think fresh fruit pies, cheesecakes, and tarts.

Feel the Warmth of the Sun

Since warmth is such an important part of hygge, why not embrace the natural warmth of the sun?  Stretch out on the grass, sit on your porch, or go for a walk and soak up the Vitamin D.


Twinkle Lights

Twinkle or fairy lights are perfectly hygge, While they might be something that you associate a little more with winter, they're perfect for adding ambiance outside as you enjoy warmer evenings, or hang some up inside as the background for a movie night.

Switch Up Your Go-To Cozy Drink

While seasonal lattes and hot chocolate might have been your go-tos during the winter, you might like something a little lighter in the spring.  Try matcha tea or a cappuccino, or really switch things up by grabbing a green juice or kombucha instead.


Create an Outdoor Space

If possible, consider moving your hygge nook from an indoor to outdoor space.  We suggest plenty of cozy pillows and light blankets for cozying up with as you read a book or thumb through a magazine.

Lighten Up Your Scented Candles

Candles are a hygge essential - and we love them in spring, too.  Switch things up for the season for opting for lighter, floral or herbal scents. May we suggest Canvas Candle Co.'s Gypsy Soul scent with jasmine and lemongrass?


Make Brunch

While brunch is awesome anytime, all that satisfying breakfast food really brings out all the cozy vibes.  Be sure to take advantage of all that seasonal fruit!

Have an At-Home Spa Night

Warm water, soothing essential oils, and nourishing skincare products make for the perfect hygge evening.  Up-level it by wrapping yourself in a warm robe and burning a scented candle.


Have a Bonfire

The crinkling noise of fire is downright cozy and soothing.  While it might be too warm to have a fire indoors, why not enjoy the evening by warming up by a fire outside?



Disney Quotes to Make You Smile

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Sometimes there's nothing quite like a good Disney movie to brighten your mood.  Here are some of our favourite quotes to bring a smile to your face.

Just because my path is different doesn't mean I'm lost. (1).png

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." -The Emperor (Mulan)

I am Brave. (2).png

"Today is a good day to try" - Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame).

You can cry, you can scream, but don't you dare give up. (2).png

"You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." -Winnie the Pooh (Pooh's Most Grand Adventure)

_Now, think of the happiest things. It's the same as having wings._ -- Peter Pan (Peter Pan).png

"Now, think of the happiest things.  It's the same thing as having wings." -Peter Pan

You can cry, you can scream, but don't you dare give up. (3).png

"When life gets you down, do you want to know what you've gotta do? Just keep swimming." - Dory (Finding Dory)

I am Brave. (3).png

"A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference." Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh)

_You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it._ (2).png

"Even miracles take a little time." -Fairy Godmother (Cinderella)

I am Brave. (4).png

"The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up." -Timothy Mouse (Dumbo)

Antioxidant -Packed Matcha Recipes

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Matcha is like the supercharged version of green tea.  In addition to being high in antioxidants, it can also be helpful for boosting brain power and memory, improving energy, and helping to safe guard your heart and immune system.  For a different twist, try enjoying matcha in one of these recipes.


Healthy Matcha Green Tea Rice Krispy Squares // Desserts with Benefits

With brown rice cereal and protein powder, these rice krispy treats pack a punch of protein and fiber along with the antioxidants in the matcha tea.  Top with white or dark chocolate.


Matcha Energy Bites // Food Faith Fitness

With a dose of protein, natural sweetness from dates, and that energy boost from matcha, these chocolate dipped energy bites are perfect for when you need a pick-me-up.


Vanilla Matcha Latte // Better with Cake

This creamy dairy-free and Paleo-friendly latte combines vanilla with the flavors of matcha.  Top with a little grated dark chocolate for extra antioxidants.


Dark Chocolate Matcha Coconut Truffles // Whole Food Bellies

When you need a sweet but satisfying treat, these truffles are the perfect thing to grab!  Coconut and coconut oil are a great source of healthy fats, and the dark chocolate and matcha are loaded with antioxidants.


Chocolate Matcha Ice Cream Sandwiches // Food Fan First

Matcha ice cream is sandwiched between chocolate cookies for a cold, yummy treat.


Chia Matcha Overnight Breakfast Smoothie // Cotter Crunch

Make ahead this smoothie the night before, and you'll have the perfect, energizing and nourishing smoothie for the morning, 


Cleansing Matcha Smoothie Bowl // Delightful Mom Food

Packed with kale and mango, this matcha smoothie bowl is equal parts detoxifying and energizing.


Matcha Marshmellows // Desserts with Benefits

Naturally sweetened with agave nectar, these matcha marshmellows have a dose of vanilla and almond flavor to up-level your marshmellow game.


Matcha Milk Chocolate Cookies // Sprinkles and Sea Salt

These delicious cookies combine matcha with creamy milk chocolate for a yummy dessert.


Gluten-Free Chocolate Donuts // Two Cups Flour

These gluten-free chocolate donuts are covered with a matcha vanilla icing and then topped with chia and hemp seeds and shredded coconut - yum! 


Matcha Cheesecake Brownies // Ful Filled

Delicious brownie batter and matcha cheesecake are swirled together for for marbled brownie that is out of this world.


Matcha Gummy Bears // Cooking with Janica

These homemade matcha gummy bears are made with only 4 ingredients, and are a fun way to get your daily dose of matcha!



13 Fresh Self-Care Ideas for Spring

With peaks of sunshine, plenty of fresh air, and sprouting flowers, spring is the perfect time to start new.   These fresh ideas are perfect for introducing to your self-care routine this spring.

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Spring Clean Your Sleeping Habits

We often thing of spring cleaning our homes during these season but, chances are, your sleeping habits could use a refresh, too. Try taking a look to see if you could adjust the time you head to bed, or incorporate an evening routine, such as taking a warm bath or shower before bed, reading, or meditating.


Take a Bike Ride

If it's the perfect weather for spending time outside, why not do just that?  Biking is a nice twist from going for a walk, plus it allows you to go further and perhaps explore somewhere you wouldn't normally.

Schedule Appointments You've Been Putting Off

Though it might not be the most exciting form of self-care, taking the time to schedule those appointments that you might have been putting off is a great way to look after you.


Visit a Nursery

Maybe the weather isn't quite so nice outside, but you're still craving a bit of nature.  Strolling through your local nursery can be a great way to soak in the greenery and blooms - whether you're there to buy anything or not.

Sit Outside at a Coffee Shop

While you might be treating yourself to a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate regularly, how often are you actually sitting down to enjoy it?  Why not enjoy a little bit of sunshine and enjoy the patio while you sip on your drink.


Take a Picnic to a Local Park

When's the last time you had a picnic?!  Packing up lunch or a few snacks and a blanket and finding a spot at a park is a great way to spend your afternoon or a warm evening.

Indulge in a Body Scrub

After your skin has just battled through winter, it's nice to start fresh with a good body scrub.  If you're able, head to a spa for the complete treatment, or grab a yummy-scented body scrub from the store and take a few extra moments in the shower. Be sure to lock in all that extra moisture with a good body oil or lotion.


Take a Nature Walk

Truly allowing yourself to slow down and notice the nature around you is a great way to take a moment for yourself.  Head to a wooded area or somewhere with pretty flowers or trees and truly allow yourself to notice everything, from the sights to the sounds..  If you'd like, take along a camera and capture anything you find interesting.

Start a New Book

While you might have been curling up to watch movies during the winter, spring can be a great time to step away from the technology a little bit and start a new read.  Bonus points if you take your reading outside!


Visit the Farmer's Market and Make a Seasonal Meal

Not only is a Farmer's Market a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but plenty of fresh produce like fennel, rhubarb, potatoes, and peas are in season.  Use what you buy to make yourself a nutritious and seasonal meal.  We recommend a light pasta or salad, with some hand pies for dessert!

Practice Self-Expression

All the extra daylight that comes with spring can really help to get your creativity flowing, which means this is the perfect time of year for trying a different way to express yourself.  Maybe you try writing, drawing, picking up some paints, or heading to a pottery class.

Open Your Windows

Though it seems super simple, opening up your windows to let the fresh air in can really help brighten your mood! Even if the weather isn't so great, even smelling the scent of rain can be nice.  We recommend our Soothing Spring Playlist to set the mood even more.


Spread Positive Messages with Sidewalk Chalk

While you might not have played with sidewalk chalk since you were a child, picking it up again can be super fun!  Plus, using it to write positive messages can help bring a smile to someone else's face, for even more of those feel-good sensations.

Soothing Spring Playlist

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This light, breezy playlist is the perfect background music for relaxing on a Spring day.

Living in the Moment - Jason Mraz

Sit Next to Me - Foster the People

Breezeblocks - alt-J

Parachute - Jaymes Young

Follow the Sun - Xavier Rudd

Bloom - The Paper Kites

My Repair - Sons of the East

Burn One Down - Ben Harper

And the Birds Sing - Tyrone Wells

Whisper - Ernie Halter

Underneath the Same Stars - Emil Landman

Summerbreeze - Johnossi

Wide-Eyed - Cold Weather Company

Flower - Amos Lee

Blue Skies - Noah and the Whale

Perfect Day - Metric

Springtime- The Head and the Heart

Walkin on a Pretty Day - Kurt Vile

Sunshine on my Back - The National

Flowers in Your Hair - The Lumineers

Lavender - Ray LaMontagne

Now is the Start - A Fine Frenzy

June, After Dark - Elliot Root

Breathe - Seeb ft. Neev

River - Leon Bridges

The Self-Love Playlist.png

16 Soothing and Calming Lavender Recipes

Six Activities to Develop a Better Relationship with Yourself.png

While you likely already know how lavender is used in aromatherapy to help with relaxation, it turns out that there are so pretty awesome benefits to using it in cooking or baking, too. Consuming lavender orally can help to ease nervousness and soothe headaches as well as your digestive system.  Try one of these recipes, which feature floral lavender and are super reminiscent of spring and summer..


Lavender Tea Latte // Club Crafted

This gorgeous, purple tea latte is totally reminiscent of something you'd order at your favourite coffee house. Lavender is paired with vanilla and honey for a yummy and calming warm beverage.

Lavender Donuts-2.jpg

Lemon & Lavender Baked Donuts // Champagne and Paper Planes

These fluffy, moist donuts are baked for a healthy twist on a favourite treat.  We're loving the pairing of lemon and lavender, plus the icing and lavender sugar topping look beautiful (and taste delicious!).


Lavender Earl Grey Tea Scones // Flour Covered Apron

Lavender and earl grey tea is an incredible pairing - and it's the basis of these yummy scones! Earl grey scones are baked and topped with a lavender and earl gray glaze.


Wild Blueberry Lavender Smoothie // Amy Gorin

This healthy smoothie blends antioxidant-rich wild blueberries, lavender, and a touch of orange.  Because it's made with milk, Greek yogurt, and powdered eggs, it's also a great source of protein.


Salted Honey Lavender Caramels // Snixy Kitchen

With honey, vanilla, fleur de sel, and lavender, these delicious caramels are perfectly smooth and chewy.


Lavender Oat Banana Ice Cream // Grateful Grazer

For a healthy twist on ice cream, this creamy treat is made with frozen bananas! Bonus: the lavender, oats, and bananas are all whole foods that can help promote sleep, making this perfect treat before bed.


Lavender Moon Milk // Homegrown Provisions

This dairy-free lavender moon milk is specially designed to help soothe you into sleep or a state of deep relaxation. Its ingredients like walnuts, oats, lavender, and nutmeg were all specially selected with this purpose in mind.


Lavender Latte // Fox and Briar

If you're a coffee lover but looking for something a little more unique at home, this lavender latte is an awesome choice!  Homemade lavender syrup is mixed with foamy milk and hot coffee for a delicious warm drink.


Lemon Lavender Morning Buns // Tutti Dolci

These delicious pastries are the perfect way to start your day!  Think puff pastry topped with a lavender and lemon sugar. This recipe also uses frozen puff pastry to keep things quick and easy.


Raw Lavender Cheesecake with Hazelnut Crust // Nutrition Stripped

This healthy, dairy-free cheesecake is delicious! The raw cashew filling is super creamy and is set upon a toasted hazelnut and walnut crust.


Lemon Squares // Grab A Plate

These yummy and zesty lemon squares get a delicious twist from lavender and limoncello.


Maple and Lavender Cashew Ice Cream // The Floured Kitchen

This delicious dairy-free ice cream is super creamy thanks to cashews and coconut cream, and has a super tasty lavender-infused maple syrup mixed in.


Lavender Shortbread Cookies // A Lively Table

These lavender shortbread cookies are super buttery and light, and are drizzled with a lavender glaze.


Lavender Cherry Overnight Oats // Delish Knowledge

For a delicious and nourishing breakfast, try these  overnight oats  which require no cooking! Oats are soaked overnight in a homemade lavender-cashew milk and topped with fresh cherries and almonds in the morning.


Lavender Chocolate Ice Cream // Sweet Sundays

Rich and creamy, this ice cream pairs chocolate with lavender to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Blackberry Lavender White Chocolate Scones // Half Baked Harvest

These delicious scones combine sweet blackberries with creamy white chocolate, all topped off with a lavender glaze.