Berry Bliss Smoothie for Thyroid Health

Berry Bliss Smoothie for Thyroid Health

Living with hypothryoidism or Hashimoto’s disease can lead to some pretty difficult symptoms like fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and having difficulty getting warm. The thyroid is a very important organ in your body as it controls your metabolism - essentially being like the engine in your car. If you deal with thyroid issues, chances are you’ve heard that certain foods are great for supporting thyroid health. And this is what dietitian Emily Kyle’s book The 30-Minute Thyroid Cookbook: 125 Recipes for Healing Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s is all about. All of the recipes are designed to take 30 minutes or less, to help when you’re feeling worn down, with all recipes being gluten-free and dairy-free, and special labels for plant-based eaters, those on the elimination diet, and those going through the elimination protocol.

Emily Kyle was nice enough to share one of her recipes from the book with us, a tasty berry smoothie that is packed with nutrients and works for a variety of diets.

Year in Review: Our Top Posts of 2018

Chair Yoga Poses for Self-Care (6).png

As 2018 comes to a close, we wanted to re-share some of our top blog posts from 2018. This collection is filled with the self-care, chronic illness, self-love, mental health, and self-improvement posts you loved most.


#8: 6 Activities to Develop a Better Relationship with Yourself

Julie Reisler’s book “Get a PhD in YOU: A Workbook to Miraculous Self-Discovery” is all about getting to know and discover yourself. In this post, she shared 6 simple activities that you can incorporate into your self-care to help get in better touch with yourself and discover what you want and need.


#7: 13 Best Instagram Accounts for Chronic Illness

Instagram has a great chronic illness community, and can be a great place to connect with others and feel supported if dealing with chronic illness in making you feel a little isolated or alone. In this post, we shared some of our favourite chronic illness Instagram accounts that are filled with messages of understanding, compassion, and realness.


#6: Best Instagram Accounts for Self-Care

We often think of bubble baths and face masks when we hear the word ‘self-care’ but it truly is about so much more. This post contains the accounts we most turn to for inspiration when we’re looking for new self-care ideas, supportive words and messages of self-love, and total wellness inspiration.


#5: Disney Quotes to Make You Smile

Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? In this post, we put together some of our favourite uplifting and positive Disney quotes for whenever you need a quick mood boost.


#4: 10 Best Apps for Chronic Illness

We love us a good app! This post is filled with apps that can make living with a chronic illness a little bit easier - think medication management, tracking symptoms, and organization apps to help you stay organized when you’re experiencing fatigue or brain fog.


#3: 9 Best Apps for Your Mental Health

We could all use a little more time to focus on our mental health, and these apps are a convenient way to do so. Whether you’re looking to try meditation, shift to more positive thoughts, or connect with a licensed therapist without needing to make an office appointment, these apps can provide much-needed support on your smartphone.


#2: 13 Mental Health Podcasts to Listen To

Podcasts were big in 2018, and we expect that this trend will continue into 2019 - they’re just so easy to listen to whether you’re working, driving, or out for a walk. These podcast recommendations contain everything from improving your mental wellness to specific tips for dealing with depression and anxiety.


#1: 19 Songs with Popular Self-Love Lyrics

We’re in love with a good playlist here, and it looks like you are, too! This post contains some of our favourite songs that have a great message of self-love, as well as the lines from them we love, for whenever you need a little boost.

A Playlist for When You're Feeling Lonely

A Playlist for When You're Feeling Lonely

We’ve all been there - maybe you’re feeling isolated for good reason, or maybe you’re surrounded by people, but still feel like you’re going it alone. Both are valid, and both an equally unpleasant feeling that can be hard to escape. If you’re craving a little bit of comfort, we’ve put together this list of songs to help you feel a little less alone and hope you are able to find a moment of peace.

Chill-Out Christmas Playlist

Chill-Out Christmas Playlist

If you’re looking to embrace the Christmas spirit but are finding “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ a little too overwhelming, this playlist is filled with lots of chill, calming vibes. It’s the perfect background music for doing a little decorating, wrapping presents, or colouring in a festive, winter-inspired colouring book.

Heartwarming Books to Read this Holiday Season

We’re all for a good book - and if you’re looking for a festive, heartwarming read to pick up this holiday season, we’ve got you covered! Each of these books really captures the magic that Christmas is all about: think giving, love, and taking the time to slow down.