Inside the May Box: Spring Awakening

When I first started thinking about Caring Crate, I immediately knew that I wanted the products in the box to be absolutely incredible.  I put a lot of thought into carefully curating each box, choosing awesome products from awesome companies. Each box has a theme, so I really take the time to think about how the products can work together to create an overall experience.

Our first box was sent out in May, and the theme was "Spring Awakening".  I chose this theme because I think that spring is such a special time!  The sun is starting to come out, and there are so many new things blooming.  Here's what was included in the box:

Mindful Mandala Cards  ($18.99)

Colouring is such a huge, huge trend and I really love it for relaxing!  I absolutely love this kit for several reasons: First of all, a huge colouring book or page can be pretty intimidating for someone who is feeling overwhelmed, is new to colouring, or who experiences chronic pain.  Because these cards are so small, they're easy to pick up and colour for however long you'd like!  I also really love the quotes on the other side, and think these would be so beautiful hanging on your fridge, set in your windowsill, or even framed!  I also love that this kit packs everything you need into a small bag, making it super portable.


Scratch & Grain Coffee Cake & Muffin Kit ($8.99)

Baking can be such a relaxing practice because it's so methodical, and there's really nothing like a fresh out-of-the-oven treat.  These Scratch & Grain kits include 8 individually wrapped ingredients, and you add your own butter, egg and milk.  Because the ingredients are individually wrapped, you can customize the baking mix, and there are plenty of suggestions on the package to mix things up or to customize it so it's lower in fat or is vegan-friendly.  It's pretty much like baking from scratch, but requires less energy and planning, which is perfect if you're dealing with chronic fatigue. It's also certified organic and free of GMOs and preservatives.


Fable Naturals Lavender + Lemon Organic Body Balm  ($12.00)

Fable Naturals is a company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, that focuses on using natural, skin-loving ingredients.  This Lavender + Lemon scent is incredible, and pretty much says everything I want Caring Crate to be: both calming and uplifting.  This soothing balm is made with cocoa butter, olive oil, beeswax, and a calendula flower infusion, and is great for dry skin, chapped lips, or smoothing flyaway hair.


 Potting Shed Creations Garden-in-a-Bag Lavender  ($10.00)

With the theme being 'Spring Awakening', I knew I wanted to include something that you could grow.  This Garden-in-a-Bag is perfect, because it includes everything you need to grow your own lavender, including seeds, growing medium, coconut tusks for drainage, and instructions.  Just smelling the lavender is relaxing and calming, but you can also use the flowers in tea, baking, or added to ice cream.



Pluck Teas

The May box also included two caffeine-free tea bags from Pluck Teas: Spa Day (a blend of peppermint, hibiscus, chamomile and rose) and After-Dinner Mint (chocolate mint).  These premium teas are blended in Canada in small batches and all the ingredients are sourced from local and ethical small farms. 



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