Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Mental Health

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Social media often gets a bad reputation for causing self-doubt and comparison.  However, we've also found that social media can be a great place to connect with others and find inspiration.  Here are some of our favourite mental health related Instagram accounts to follow.


Hannah is an artist and mental health activist, and also the founder of #boringselfcare.  Her illustrations provide a gentle reminder that self-care doesn't always look pretty.  Sometimes it's just allowing yourself to cry, eating when your body needs it, or ensuring that you've picked up any medication.



Milly's account focuses on body positivity and self-love, while also providing realness about mental health issues.  She demonstrates that mental health issues don't look a certain way, and provides regular quotes and reminders to help you feel a little less alone. 


To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit association that was created to help people living with depression, addiction, or self-injury.  Their profile provides reinforcing quotes, while also sharing stories of people living with mental health issues.



In addition to promoting sharing a love of coffee, Sweatpants and Coffee offers a real look at self-care and provides comforting reminders about loving yourself. The Anxiety Blob also makes regular cameos on the account to provide reassurance that you're not the only one feeling the wrath of anxiety.


Poet Brittin Oakman is also a mental health and wellness advocate, a fact which shines through on her Instagram page.  Her words provide beautiful encouragement and honesty about topics like strength, self-compassion, and being your authentic self.


Link of Hearts creates beautiful jewelry and candles that are designed to provide inspiration.  Their Instagram account promotes mental health awareness and works to connect those living with mental health issues. 


Ella's bio says this account is devoted to helping worriers realize they're warriors, and this sentiment couldn't be more true!  Naked With Anxiety's quotes are always a breath of fresh air, and focus on topics like being kind to yourself, realizing you're not alone, and that it's okay to live with anxiety.



Wear Your Label creates clothing that is designed to fight stigma around mental health and let you know that it's okay not to be okay.  Their Instagram feed is full of great quotes as reminders, as well as photos of their ambassadors rocking their stigma-fighting clothing to remind you that you're not alone.



The Latest Kate's soothing feed is full of illustrations of animals and creatures, along with reaffirming quotes.  Whether you deal with mental health issues, chronic illness, or just need a dose of positivity and inspiration, this is a great account to follow.



You didn't think we'd forget ourselves, did you?!  Our feed is filled with pictures to inspire different forms of self-care, as well as quotes about strength, dealing with mental health and chronic illness, and the importance of taking care of you.