Best Instagram Accounts for Self-Care

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Your Instagram feed is a sacred place - and should be filled with photos that leave you feeling uplifted, inspired, and comforted.  These Instagram accounts are our favourites for snaps and captions that promote positive and realistic self-care.


Rupi Kaur is an incredible poet - and it just so happens that she also regularly touches on topics like self-care and self-love. On her Instagram feed, you can expect bite-sized pieces of poetry alongside her illustrations.

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Shannon Kaiser is the bestselling inspirational author behind books like "The Self-Love Experiment". Her feed is filled with reassuring quotes that encourage you to work towards being your best, as well as lovely lifestyle photos.


Georgie is the blogger behind In It 4 The Long Run as well as the podcaster behind The Chasing Joy Podcast. Her uplifting feed shares well-rounded wellness tips, authentic self-care, and positive reminders to embrace you.


Thoughtfully Magazine is a publication that focuses on self-care and wellness, as does their Instagram account!  Expect plenty of positive quotes as well as images to inspire your self-care.


Sophie Gray is all about self-acceptance and self-love, both of which she regularly shares on her Instagram account.  We're also in love with her thoughts, which spread this message even further. 


Alexandra Elle is an author who focuses on hope, intentional living, and the journey of motherhood.  Her regular posts of encouragement, affirmations, and mantras definitely deserve a place in your feed.


Summer is the blogger behind Coffee with Summer, where she covers topics like self-care, authenticity, fashion, beauty, and more. On her Instagram, you can expect plenty of real talk, gorgeous and uplifting home decor, self-care encouragement, and more.


Catherine is a mindset coach and promoter of self-care and mindfulness. Her uplifting Instgram feed is filled with thoughts to help you feel a little more calm, self-aware, and blissed out. 


While Lee is a promoter of healthy living, it really all comes down to one thing: balance. Her Instgram shares plenty of wellness tips, beautiful messages about self-love, self-care, and slowing down, and gorgeous plant-based food inspiration.


Davida is a healthy lifestyle blogger and podcaster, and she really focuses on living a life that truly feels good. In addition to yummy recipe inspiration, you can also expect holistic health tips and favourite products, reassuring words about doing what's right for you, and gentle and realistic reminders about self-care. 


Jordan shares a look into how she lives incorporates self-care, holistic wellness, yoga, and more into her daily life on her Instagram account.  We're in love with her authenticity and how she shares her journey.



We couldn't leave ourselves out!  Our Instagram feed is filled with realistic and authentic inspiration about different aspects of self-care, as well as reassuring quotes about taking time for you.



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