Please read the following Privacy Policy carefully as it pertains to Caring Crate's use of personal/private information.

Caring Crate is committed to maintaining the utmost security and confidentiality of your personal/private information. As such, our Privacy Policy helps govern our actions as they relate to the use of such information. 


Caring Crate is responsible for maintaining and protecting the information you provide at the time of purchase of any Caring Crate subscription. 

Caring Crate works with Moonclerk to ensure complete, bank level security regarding your billing and shipping information. 

identifying purposes

Caring Crate collects your personal/private information in order to supply you the subscription services you choose to purchase through Caring Crate. Caring Crate will never ask you to provide information for use of purposes outside of your subscription purchase. Caring Crate may ask you for your e-mail and contact information to update you regarding your subscription, for newsletter purposes or to notify you of changes in its Terms & Conditions. In certain situations, the purpose for which your personal information is collected may be clear, and consent may be required, such as your billing and/or shipping information for the purpose of billing and sending your subscription box to you, as purchased by you. 


Both knowledge and consent are required for the collection of personal/private information, except where required or permitted by law. When you provide Caring Crate with your persona/private information (such as billing and shipping information), you are doing so as a personal choice. However, your choice in deciding not to supply Caring Crate with certain information (such as your shipping address, for example) may result in Caring Crate having difficulty providing you with the services purchased by you. Caring Crate will not require you to consent to the disclosure any personal/private information as a condition to the supply or a service or product, except as required by Caring Crate to be able to supply you with said service or product. 

Limited Collection 

Personal information collected by Caring Crate will be limited to those details necessary for Caring Crate to provide you with a service or product. With your consent, we may collect this information from you via various methods of communication, such as e-mail. 


Personal information supplied to Caring Crate by you will only be used for the purposes for which it was collected, unless you have consented or where it is required and/or permitted by law. Personal information will only be retained by Caring Crate for the duration of time it is needed in order for Caring Crate to provide you with service or product purchased by you, or as it may be required by law. 

Protection of Personal Information

Personal information supplied to Caring Crate will be protected with the utmost safeguarding, to the best of Caring Crate's ability. Caring Crate will never share nor disclose your personal information with others and will only use or disclose your personal information for the purposes for which it it needed, such as supplying you with the service or product you have chosen to purchase. 

Your Access

Should you like to modify, amend or view your personal information as given to Caring Crate, Caring Crate will inform you of the existence, use and disclosure of said information and you will be given access to it. However, in certain circumstance permitted by law, we will not disclose certain information to you. 


Our website may contain links to other websites which are not governed by this Privacy Policy, nor by Caring Crate's Term & Conditions. Though Caring Crate endeavours only to link to other websites the highest-quality security standards, Caring Crate's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions no longer apply once you leave this website. Caring Crate is not responsible for the privacy or security policies of other websites. Therefor, Caring Crate advises that you carefully inspect and read the privacy and security policies of other websites in relation to their collection, use and disclosure of personal information. 

SHould you have a question, comment or concern regarding our Privacy policy, please feel free to contact us