12 Best Planners for a Better 2018

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In addition to helping to keep you organized, planners have plenty of other benefits: because you're able to clear your mind by writing things down and you don't have to remember to remember that appointment, stress levels are lowered.  This also frees up more time for creative thinking, better time management, improved productivity, and more intentional choices.  Using a planner can also be a great part of your self-care routine, because you can ensure that you've set aside some time to help replenish yourself.  Whether you're trying to focus on gratitude, mindfulness, productivity, achieving your dreams or improving your happiness levels, there's a planner for you.


The Happiness Planner ($54)

Like its name suggests, The Happiness Planner is a planner that is designed to help boost your happiness levels, rather than focusing on productivity. The pages lead you through activities to help you to discover what truly makes you happy, what strengths you have, and what goals you'd like to achieve to feel better overall. Of course, there are pages so you can keep track of your calendar as well, with sections for daily gratitude, positive thinking and reflection, as well as daily exercise and meal plans.


The Desire Map Planner ($44)

Designed by Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map planner is all about recognizing the way you want to feel and uncovering the steps to help you feel that way. This can help empower you to say "no" to the things that don't really benefit you, and dive in to the things that do.  Each daily page includes one of Danielle's #TruthBombs, a soul prompt question, a section for your 3 daily priorities, as well as sections for your schedule and to-do list.


Hello Peaceful Mind Planner ($49)

The Hello Peaceful Mind Planner was designed to help you be more productive and organized.  You'll start by thinking about your big goals for 2018, and then break them down into more manageable quarterly goals and monthly objectives.  There are also monthly pages for self-care ideas, three goals with due dates and rewards, a bucket list, monthly mantra, and monthly focus.


Daily Greatness Planner ($49.95)

This journal helps you to incorporate self-help staples like clear intentions, a positively focused mindset and conscious reflection into your daily life. The daily pages help you practice helpful skills like meditation, intention setting, gratitude, and more, while the weekly and quarterly check-ins help you to stay accountable.


The Spoonie Planner ($52)

Anyone who deals with chronic illness knows how difficult it is to keep on top of healthcare appointments, medication management, and symptom tracking, while also trying to live your daily life.  The Spoonie Planner is specifically designed to help organize this for you, with sections to help track personal, career, and health goals, an address book, a to-do list that focuses on priorities, and check-ins to help you focus on the most positive parts of your day.


Day Designer ($59)

The Day Designer is a helpful planner to help manage busy schedules and work towards achieving some balance and increasing your productivity. Daily planner pages are broken down into hour increments to give you a visual of your day, with additional sections for daily gratitude, notes, dinner, top 3 to-do's, and more.


Simplified Planner ($58)

For those who tend to find planners overwhelming, this option which is designed minimally might be a great fit. There's a pocket in the front cover for any essentials, and the monthly and daily pages feature plenty of clean, white space, so you can focus on what matters.  There's plenty of room for notes, as well as space each day for listing meals and your to-do list. Plus, you'll also receive monthly planning tips from creator Emily Ley by e-mail.


Panda Planner ($23.97)

Designed based on research in neuroscience and positive psychology, Panda Planner is designed to help you increase productivity and happiness.  The planner helps you to break your goals down into more manageable steps, set priorities, introduce a positive morning routine, and set areas of focus.




Living Well Planner ($55)

Designed by the blogger behind Living Well Spending Less, this planner is designed to help you focus on you so you can live your best life.  In addition to helping to plan your days, this planner also helps you to become focused on the changes that you want to make in 2018, including selecting a word of 2018 and setting goals for different areas of your life, including personal growth, fun, health and fitness, and more. It'll also take you through a step-by-step formula for crushing your goals, plan meals, and stick to a budget, with beautiful inspirational quotes along the way.


Self Journal ($31.99)

The Self Journal was created to help ensure that what you're doing in the day-to-day is helping you to get closer to achieving your goals. It helps you to create daily targets based on the goals, as well as reflect on things you are grateful for, your daily wins, and any lessons that you learned.


Brilliant Life Planner ($58)

The Brilliant Life Planner goes beyond just scheduling to help you focus on what really matters.  You'll enter your favourite memories and gratitudes each week, meaning that this planner can become a great keepsake even after the year is over. It even goes beyond that to help you think about who you will encourage each week, a habit tracker to help you introduce new habits into your life, and more.


 Passion Planner ($35)

With a vegan leather cover, Passion Planner is another option that helps you break down your goals into manageable steps along with monthly reflections to help you look back on your progress.  There are also sections for good things that happened, motivational quotes and challenges to help inspire positive action, to-do lists separated into personal and work to help create balance, and plenty of space for doodles, notes, or brainstorming.

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