14 Dates to Take Yourself On

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Continuing with our theme of self-love, let’s talk about taking yourself out on a date! Going out alone may seem a little intimidating, but it really is a great way to help boost your self-confidence, explore, and discover new things you enjoy. Plus, when its just you, that means your needs come first - no more second guessing that you choose a restaurant that your companion likes - its all about you! Solo dates can be a wonderful act of self-care because they allow you to take time to yourself, and really get to know and reconnect with what you need.

Spa Day

Who couldn’t use a spa day?! If you’ve been setting aside some money to treat yourself (or maybe you have a gift certificate laying around), why not head to the spa? Sure, spa trips are great with friends, but going solo is a great way to really unwind and relax. If heading to the spa doesn’t work, treat yourself to a good spa day at home: think a relaxing bubble bath, diffusing essential oils, a face mask, and maybe a mani/pedi. Be sure to turn on some relaxing spa music, and sip on some tea or spa water.


Restaurant Date

Going out to eat alone might feel a little weird, but we promise its incredible! Head to a new restaurant or treat yourself to your favourite meal (dessert counts, too!). Spend your time truly enjoying and indulging in what you’ve ordered. If you’re feeling a little intimidated, occupy your time by bringing along a read or colouring book.


Hotel Night

If you’re really needing a big dose of me time and a getaway, booking a night at a local hotel can be a great retreat. Enjoy the lack of clutter, watch a movie, and order in room service. Don’t forget to take advantage of all of the amenities, too. Hot tub time, anyone?


Take Yourself to the Movies

With the amazing array of streaming services available, when’s the last time you actually went to the movies? Don’t forget that an evening (or afternoon!) out at the movies can be a fun experience. Grab your favourite treats or popcorn, sit wherever you’d like, and enjoy the big screen and surround sound.

Go Dancing

If you’re looking for a solo date that helps get you out of your comfort zone a little, a evening out dancing can be a fun option. Head out to whatever spot plays your favourite music, or take things up a notch by heading to a dance class in a style you’ve been wanting to learn. Plus, dancing is awesome exercise, which further shows love to your body.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

When you’re used to being in the same place all the time, you can so easily fall into the trap of not noticing and appreciating your surroundings. Simply Google “Things to do in _______” to find a list of attractions in your area you might not have checked out yet, new places to explore, as well as any local events to enjoy.


Take a Cooking Class

We love this solo date idea because its twofold: not only do you get the experience of the cooking class, but now you also have the ability to recreate a restaurant-quality meal at home whenever you’d like! Plus, a cooking class is such a great way to discover new ingredients, combinations, and cooking techniques and skills.

Get Nostalgic

When’s the last time you took a trip down memory lane? Reminiscing can be such a fun way to not only see how far you’ve come, but also remember your hopes, dreams, and the things you loved, so that you can think of different ways to nurture these. Why not light some candles and make a night of going through your old yearbooks and photo albums? If everything is digital, you can also take the time to look through your photos, pick out your favourites, and create your own photo book, or print them off to display.

Visit a Craft Store

Channeling your inner creative can be such a wonderful act of self-love and self-care! Crafts stores are so easy to get lost in, and can make it easy for you to get inspired to start a new art or craft project. If you’re a little intimidated about your own artistic or creative abilities, many craft stores also have free or inexpensive classes to get you going on a project.

Go See a Comedian or Speaker

Going to see a comedy show or a speaker is usually something we think about doing with someone else - but that really isn’t necessary! Going solo allows you even more time to focus on being entertained or inspired, plus you can make plans to see whomever you’d really enjoy.

Visit a Museum

Like being a tourist in your own city, visiting a museum might not be something you think of doing - but it is a great way to spend an afternoon! Check out a local museum that focuses on something you’re interested in, taking as much time at each exhibit as you’d like, and bypassing those you aren’t into.


Get Lost in Nature

We all know how calming nature can be, and going it alone allows you to take in the solitude even more. Try heading to a trail or park you haven’t visited before, take a solo trip to the beach, or channel your inner photographer and try to snag some great nature photos.


Learn Something New

Solo dates are the perfect time to get to know yourself a little better and explore new things! Local classes and workshops are great places to learn a new skill - whether its a craft, new language, computer program, or something else! If there’s nothing local to you or you feel like staying in, check out YouTube or the variety of online classes offered online to learn from your own couch (or bed!).


Go Thrifting

We’d probably all love to take ourselves out on an incredible shopping trip - and thrifting is a great way to do this! Whether you’re searching for new clothes, home decor pieces, books, or something else, set yourself a budget and spend the afternoon checking out the local thrift stores searching for the best finds for your style.

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