5 Ways to Use a Scrub for Self-Care

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When dealing with dry skin caused by the winter weather, there’s nothing like the exfoliating power of a good scrub to help reveal smooth, renewed skin. An amazing scrub can be such a great part of your self-care routine, and here’s why:

It Encourages You to Take a Little More Time in the Shower

Just like baths, showers can be incredibly relaxing and a great part of your self-care routine. However, we’re guessing that your showers are likely quick, and have the sole focus on getting you clean. Using a scrub in the shower forces you to slow down and enjoy your shower a little more, taking the time to exfoliate all areas of your skin. Make it a mindful moment by really paying attention to the sensation of the scrub against your skin.

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It Preps Your Skin for Moisturizers, Serums & More

If face masks, moisturizers, and serums are your jam, its important to ensure that you have a good scrub in your routine! Using a gentle exfoliant will not only cleanse your skin, but it’ll also break down and remove any dead skin cells, meaning that you get more out of those nourishing ingredients in your mask, moisturizer, or serum. Plus, the steps help to make it a ritual rather than just a step in your beauty routine.

It Gives You a Moment of Aromatherapy

We love the benefits of aromatherapy! It’s awesome how a scent can help boost your mood, promote relaxation, or help give you a little boost of energy. Whether you love something floral, spicy, citrus-y, or herbal, using a body or face scrub with your favourite scent gives you a moment of me time.

It Allows Your to Focus on Areas of Your Body That Don’t Get as Much Attention

How much time do you normally spend concentrating on the areas of your body that could most benefit from a scrub like your elbows, knees, and feet? Using a course scrub with salt or sugar, or opting for a foot scrub with pumice like Wild Jasmine’s Pumice Hand & Foot Scrub with Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil . Your lips are another often neglected area that can benefit from a scrub! We recommend Coast & Clearing’s Sweet Almond Turbino Sugar Scrub.


It Helps to Improve Blood Flow and Can Decrease Inflammation

The rubbing action of using a scrub - whether you’re opting for a physical scrub like Small Batch Soap Company’s Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub, using a loofah, or a dry brush, helps to increase lymphatic drainage and increases blood flow and circulation, and can also help stimulate the nervous system to make you feel more energized.

Small Batch Soap Company’s Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub is featured in our Reflection Box.

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