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Continuing in our best apps series (check out our 9 best apps for mental health and best apps for chronic illness if you haven't already), today we're introducing some of our favourite apps for self-care.  No matter what area you need a little boost in, having these apps on your phone can be a great reminder to practice the self-care you need.

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Plant Nanny (Apple and Android, Free)

We all know how important hydration is, but getting enough water in can be difficult sometimes!  This app makes drinking your daily water a little bit easier.  You input data about yourself (your height, weight, and activity level) to calculate how much water you need to drink per day, and then you pick out a cute virtual plant.  Every time that you finish a glass, you tap a button, and your plant also gets watered.  If you don't drink enough, your plant will slowly wither away, reminding you to get that hydration in.


Calm (App Store, Google Play, Free Trial with paid upgrades)

Calm is an all-in-one app for meditation and mindfulness.  Within the app, you can access soothing scenes and nature sounds, as well as guided meditations and breathing exercises.  Calm has also recently introduced sleep stories, in which some of your favourite fictional stories are read aloud to help ease you into sleep.

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Louise Hay Affirmation Meditations (App Store, Free)

Affirmations can be powerful "I" statements, that can be really helpful for shifting your mindset.  This app from bestselling author Louise Hay features meditations in a number of different areas and requires only a few minutes, so you can practice your affirmations anywhere.

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Five Minute Journal (Apple, Google Play, $4.99)

The Five Minute Journal App is an app that makes journalling easier.  The prompts encourage you to focus on gratitude and the positive things that happened each day, plus you can easily save photos to look back on.  Challenges and quotes provide and extra boost of inspiration.


Charity Miles (Apple, Google Play, Free)

Being active while also being outside is great for our well-being.  Charity Miles encourages this by allowing you to earn money for your favourite charity while walking, running, or biking, so you get the benefits of getting your heart pumping plus the feel-good boost and purpose of giving back.  There are over 30 charities to choose from, such as Stand Up to Cancer, ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity, and the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America.


Good Blocks (Apple, Google Play, Free)

Good Blocks is an app that makes letting go of negative thoughts and accepting positive thoughts into a game.  Over time, this can help boost self-esteem, mood, and body image as detecting negative thoughts and letting them go becomes more automatic.

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Find What Feels Good by Yoga with Adriene (Apple, Google Play, Free Trial and then $9.99 per month)

Yoga can be such a beneficial practice and great part of your self-care routine.  Adrienne's "Find What Feels Good" motto makes yoga accessible, no matter how you may be feeling that day.  She has a range of routines, including yoga for self-love and self-worth, yoga for energy, and yoga for specific issues like pain or the winter blues.


Stitcher (Apple, Google Play, Web, Free)

Podcasts can be a great part of a self-care routine because they can help to inform you, inspire you, or entertain you.  Check out comedy shows, learn more about your favourite hobby, or be motivated to make improvements in your life by listening to a health and lifestyle show.


Aloe (App Coming to the app store early 2018)

Although Aloe's app isn't going to be released until early 2018, we couldn't resist adding this app designed specifically for self-care! The app will provide reminders and check-ins for self-care like sleeping, having a snack, being kind, and indulging.  Until the app is released, you can check in on Aloe's website.


Forest (Apple, Google Play, Free)

While the other apps have made the most of technology, sometimes you just need to step away from your phone.  Forest is an app where you can plant a virtual seed whenever you'd like to stay away from your phone and focus on something else.  The tree will grow but, if you use your phone, the virtual tree will begin to die.  The app also partners with Trees for the Future to plant trees in real life.

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