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We're sure you've heard time and time again how essential getting a good night's rest is - but it's really not that simple.  For when you need a little extra help, we've put together our favourite apps whether you need help unwinding before bed, turning off all those thoughts in your brain, or waking up feeling as refreshed as possible.


Sleep Cycle

iOS, Google Play, Free with In-App Purchases

Using your phone's accelerometer or microphone, Sleep Cycle analyzes your movements to gain information about your sleep stages.  You set your ideal time to get up, and sleep cycle with wake you up within a 30 minute window before your wake-up time when you're in the lightest stage of sleep, which will help you wake up more gently and feel less groggy.  The app can also provide helpful information about the quality of your sleep and the amount of time you're in a deep sleep.



iOS, Google Play, Web, $1.99

Noisli is a background noise and color generator that can help you create your ideal environment.  You can mix your favourite sounds like rain, fireplace, the beach, a fan, a forest and more to create your ideal ambiance, or select a pre-set option for relaxing to listen to as you read before bed or shut your eyes to drift off to sleep.  Bonus: Noisli also has options for productivity like coffee shop as well as a timer, so you can use the app any time of day.



iOS, Google Play, Free with In-App Purchases

Pzizz uses the science of psychoacoustics which mixes music, voiceover, and sound effects in a way that is designed to help you drift off into sleep.  There are options for both sleep and napping, plus you get a different mix each time so you don't experience the same thing over and over again.  Focusscapes are also available to help you make the most out of your wakeful hours.


Sleep Better

iOS, Google Play, Free

Like other sleep apps, Sleep Better works as a sleep tracker to monitor your sleep efficiency and how much time you spend in each stage of sleep.  However, where Sleep Better really shines is in its ability to add in daily habits like caffeine consumption, exercise habits, and alcohol consumption to help you determine when you're getting the best sleep.



iOS, Google Play, Free with In-App Purchases

DigiPill provides digital "pills" which are guided meditation and hypnosis audio files that each have a specific purpose.  There's one specifically for sleep, but other useful pills include relaxation and clearing your mind.  There's also other pills available like perseverance, creativity, well-being, and confidence.  You receive your first pill free, and then can purchase more to add to your cabinet.

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Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

iOS, Google Play, Kindle Store, $2.99

Andrew Johnson is a leading self-help expert.  This app contains a soothing guided meditation that is designed to help you relax, unwind, and fall to sleep.



Google Play, Free with In-App Purchases

If sounds calm you, Sleepo is a great app to have on hand.  You can mix and match their HD sounds to create a perfect mix for you, as well as set a timer if you'd like to not have it on all night.  There's a wide variety of different types of sounds, including rain and water sounds, nature and forest, city sounds, and meditation, as well as different types of white noise.


zenbound 2

iOS, Google Play, $2.99

We get it - sometimes meditation just isn't your jam.  For when you need something to occupy your mind that isn't too stimulating, zenbound 2 is a great option.  This game was created specifically to help promote relaxation. As you progress through the meditative and tactile game of wrapping rope around a wooden block, we bet you'll feel your eyes getting heavy - or at least have a break from the sensations in your body and the thoughts on your mind.


Sleep Genius

iOS, Google Play, $6.99

Recognized by NASA (really!), Sleep Genius uses the most up-to-date neuroscience to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.  The program includes neurosensory algorithms, binaural beats to help your brain waves match those of different sleep stages, pink noise to block out any distractions, as well as psychoacoustic music.  There are also programs for relaxation and power naps, as well as an alarm that wakes you up gradually over the course of 5 minutes.  , 



Google Play, Free

Yes, we know we're not supposed to be on our phones or tablets before bed.  But, if you are (we won't tell!), you can make it easier on your body.  Twilight adjusts to your location's sun cycle to filter out blue light, which can have an impact on your melatonin levels.  The result is that your circadian rhythm won't be as impacted by your late-night phone use, which can help with sleep.



iOS, Google Play, Free

One of the suggested ways to fall asleep when you mind just can't stop thinking is to keep your thoughts away from those that keep you awake and allow your mind to gently wander.  MySleepButton is an app that helps guide you through doing just that.  The app will tell you things to imagine, and you just let your brain take you away.  You can choose from categories like simple things, scenes, and things to draw, to find what best works for you.

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iOS, Google Play, Amazon, $0.99

Though it's not specifically designed for sleep, blek is an imaginative, relaxing game that might just give you enough to focus on until you feel sleepy. You simply draw on the screen and what you draw then repeats, with the goal being to hit all the colours on the screen while avoiding the black dots.  It's simple enough that it won't wake you up, but requires enough of your attention that you won't be focused on other thoughts.

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