Best Books for Self-Love & Body Positivity

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We’re all about some good self-lovin’ this month! If you’re feeling in need of some more self-confidence, and self-compassion, these are our top picks to help you work on nourishing a relationship with yourself.


Body Kindness

Body Kindness is all about connecting your mind and body, working towards health and from a place of compassion. The book is based on four principles: what you do, how you feel, who you are, and where you belong, with Registered Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield guiding your through mind-body exercises and setting goals that are designed to help you be kind to your body on a daily basis.


Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance

If you feel like you’re constantly inundated with the media’s portrayal of beauty, Beautiful You is an amazing book for helping to reclaim the many different manifestations of what beauty truly is. This book provides simple steps for you to take each day for a year that are designed to boost self-image in a way that isn’t cheesy.


Choosing Me Before We

Written by expert speaker Christine Arylo, this book is all about developing a relationship with yourself.. In a tone that is friendly, this empowering book really teaches you to look to yourself for the best advice.


Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body

Rather than focusing on the goal of ideal health, Pretty Happy is all about feeling good in your body. In this book, Kate Hudson leads you through questionnaires and interactive drawing board exercises that are all about tapping into your intuition and what your body needs.


Body Positive Power: How Learning to Love Yourself Will Save Your Life

From the creator behind the popular Instagram account @bodyposipanda, this book is a natural extension of her Instagram account, and focuses on truly loving yourself as you are.


The Self-Love Workbook: A Life-Changing Guide to Boost Self-Esteem, Recognize Your Worth and Find Genuine Happiness

Written by Dr. Shainna Ali, if you’re really wanting to improve your self-worth and happiness, this is a great workbook to pick up. Its filled with activities, prompts, and suggestions to help introduce you to new ways to practice self-love, as well as simple tips for incorporating this into your daily life.


Mastering The Mindset Of Self-Love: A 28 Day Guided Journal

Think of this journal like a bootcamp for self-love! Set out over 28 days, this guided journal provides you with an activity to focus on each day for boosting your self-love, all designed to leave you feeling like you want to pour even more time, self-care, and energy into loving yourself at the end of the 28 days.


Love Your Body

Louisa Hay was one of the champions of positivity, healing, and mind-body connection. In this book, she shares 54 affirmation exercises, all that are focused around loving and appreciating your body, to create an easy and accessible way to incorporate a little extra self-love into your day whenever you might need it.


Body Love

If its a priority for you to work on your health but you want to stay away from dieting, Body Love is a great book to help you practice balance and intuitive eating, and is filled with recipes that are designed to help increase energy, improve sleep, and leave you feeling nourished.


My Body, My Words 

This book is a beautiful anthology of body image. Its filled with a number of essays, in which writers share their own stories in progressing from struggling with self-hate to connecting and discovering their bodies in a loving and appreciative way.


Today I Affirm: A Journal that Nurtures Self-Care

Poet and author Alex Elle is a champion of affirmations, as seen from her Instagram account. This journal guides you through developing your own affirmations that are meaningful for you, to help guide you into more positive self-talk in a nurturing and uplifting way.


When I Loved Myself Enough

Truly a gift, this book is filled with words of wisdom that are simple yet powerful. The book is an honest look at self-love and self-comfort, and how loving yourself can help you to better love others.

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Self Love: Be Unapologetically You: A Self Love Guide for Women of Color

This book about self-love is nothing short of powerful. We love the affirmation that true self-love takes courage, fierce bravery, and standing up for yourself.


How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People): Spiritual Advice for Modern Relationships

Let’s face it: relationships can be hard. In this book, authors Lodro RInzler and Meggan Watterson focus on loving yourself through all stages of relationships and friendships, leaving you feeling worthy of being loved, both by yourself and others.

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Recipes for Self-Love: How to Feel Good in a Patriarchal World

From the amazing Instagram account @RecipesforSelfLove, this book presents new art that focuses on the power of women, including topics like self-care, feminism, ritual, beauty, self-reflection, and more, and makes a wonderful coffee table book or gift.


Tone It Up: Balanced and Beautiful

If you’re feeling in need of hitting the reset button, this is a great book to grab. Over 5 days, TIU creators lead you through a plan that focuses on refreshing, motivating, inspiring, energizing, and relaxing, designed to help you feel balanced and beautiful.

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