Best Essential Oils for Fall

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Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon is often a go-to scent for autumn, but it’s got some pretty cool benefits, too. Naturally anti-bacterial, cinnamon is also great for promoting circulation to help with pain and inflammation, stimulates the immune system, plus its scent is naturally energizing and grounding.

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Nutmeg is great for promoting circulation, and is also helpful for relieving pain, swelling, and inflammation. It’s also awesome for promoting sleep and a sense of calm.


With natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, clove essential oil is great for boosting your immune system. It’s also helpful for pain, and is packed with antioxidants.

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With a woodsy, natural scent, cedarwood essential oil will help to bring the outdoors in, and is naturally grounding. It’s also great for helping to balance oil skin.


Smelling like a mixture of clove, cinnamon, and cardamom, allspice is perfect for fall. Allspice essential oil is great for helping to relieve pain, and is a natural way to relax.

Black Pepper

Though black pepper might not be the first essential oil you think of, it’s got some pretty great benefits. It’s warming and naturally anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory, meaning that it’s great for muscle aches and pains as well as arthritis. It can also be helpful to improve digestion and increase circulation.


With a scent similar to black licorice, fennel is an essential oil that is well known as a digestive aid. It can help to relax the muscles in the gut, plus its also an antimicrobial agent.


Another spicy, warming oil, ginger essential oil is another great one for digestion. Ginger is also great for helping with inflammation, and is said to help encourage feelings of ease and confidence.


With a smoky, sweet smell, myrrh is naturally antibacterial and is great for soothing skin as well as promoting relaxation.

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Warm and spicy, sandalwood is the perfect oil for cooler weather! It can help ease restlessness and insomnia, and can also be helpful with headaches and colds.


A comfy, cozy scent, vanilla essential oil is one we love for Fall. It helps to naturally boost mood, and had a mildly sedative effect to help relax your body and mind.

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Another comforting spicy scent, frankincense is calming but is also great for helping with cough and cold symptoms.


If you’re feeling a little dreary, orange is a wonderfully uplifting essential oil. Plus, it’s also helpful for dry skin.

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