Best Essential Oils for Self-Love

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We all now how powerful the effects of scent can be - and it turns out that many of the essential oils that are awesome for boosting feelings of self-love also have additional benefits like skin softening, a boost of confidence and energy, and more.  We've put together our favourite essential oils to reach for when you need a little extra self-love, as well as some of our favourite products that feature them.



Bergamot has a light and sweet citrusy scent, and is gently calming and uplifting. It's also clarifying and healing, making it an ideal option for skincare.

Try it: Add a couple drops to your favourite skincare cleansor or give yourself a soothing massage with Red Lemon Patchouli Bergamot Body Oil



Ylang-Ylang has a lovely warm floral scent, and is often used to help relieve nervousness, tension, and restlessness. It's also really helpful for balancing emotions, creating connections with others, and can even be helpful for PMS symptoms.

Try it: Roll on Florahue's Orange Ylang-Ylang perfume for an uplifting floral fragrance that inspires love, or burn Two Bloom's Bliss Soy Candle to bliss out with the relaxing pairing of ylang-ylang and lavender.



With a warm romantic and floral scent, jasmine is helpful for promoting relaxation, and is also super soothing for dry and irritated skin.

Try it: Mix with a carrier oil and apply to pulse points to use as a natural perfume or ourish your skin with Lo and Behold Natural's Jasmine and Hibiscus Body Butter, which is gentle enough to use on the face and sensitive skin.



Though it's perhaps the scent most associated with love, rose oil has benefits that go beyond just that. The oil promotes relaxation but is also great for your skin - it's naturally balancing, and soothing to irritated and dry skin.

Try it: Diffuse a few drops to benefit from rose's mood-enhancing properties or show your skin a little love with the vitamin and antioxidant Rose Mask from Sealuxe.



Sandalwood has a warm and spicy scent that helps to boost clarity and memory while also being calming. It's excellent for use during meditation, as well as helps to enhance mood and promote grounding.

Try it: Freshen up with Twinkle Apothecary Blissed Dry Shampoo



Noroli has a citrus and floral scent, and is both calming and uplifting.  It's also an excellent oil for skin from helping to balance excess oil and protecting dry skin.

Try it: Add a few drops to your nighttime moisturizer to help lock in moisture or feel gorgeous with Sudsatorium's Glitterati Dusting Power, which has a beautiful shimmer and scents of neroli, ylang-ylang, and sweet vanilla.


With a bright citrus scent, lemon essential oil can help to boost your mood and is naturally uplifting and energizing.  Lemon is also detoxing and purifying, and can help to soothe digestion.

Try it: Add a couple drops of pure essential oil to a glass of water to help with digestion or boost good vibes with Lesley Saligoe Botanical's Bright Balm, which pairs lemon with other essential oils like bergamot, orange, lime, and grapefruit.


Sweet Orange

Super fresh orange is energizing scent that can also help to boost immunity as well as mood. 

Try it: Add a few drops to your conditioner to help brighten your hair and mood or renew your skin with Coast and Clearing's Bergamot Orange Salt Scrub.



Similar to rose, geranium is balancing and can help to promote feelings of peace. It's also great for your skin, and can help to reduce inflammation.

Try it: Use in an aromatherapy steam to reap skin benefits or take a soak with Beth and Olivia's Rose Geranium Bath Bomb Square



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