Best Essential Oils for Summer

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Whether you're looking for an energizing oil, needing a little extra zen, or looking for something to deal with common summer ailments, these essential oils are great options to have on hand.



Peppermint is a naturally cooling and refreshing oil, making it a great go-to for summer!  It's also energizing, and can be great for relieving sore muscles as well.

Try it:  Mix water and a couple of drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle to make a cooling body mist, or swipe on some of Red Lemon's Mint-Grapefruit Tinted Lip Balm.



We love lavender all-year round, as its calming and stress-relieving properties are always welcome.  But, lavender is also a great treatment for cuts and insect bites.

Try it: Diffuse lavender for relaxing benefits, or use the power of lavender in Twinkle Apothecary's Bug Away Spray.



Helpful for relieving allergies and insect bites, and also a natural energy booster and muscle pain reliever, eucalyptus is a fresh scent that's awesome for summer.

Try it: Rub in Lo and Behold Natural's Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Hand and Foot Salve or add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to your shower floor for a DIY steam shower. 


This earthy, clean-scented oil is great for summer and is awesome for treating muscle aches and cramps, making it an essential.

Try it: Get a natural energy boost with  Good Common Sense THE HARE Essential Oil Roller Bottle or add a couple of drops to your facial toner to reap cypress's oil-balancing properties.




A stimulating oil, rosemary is equal parts energizing and relaxing, making it a great essential. It's also awesome for soothing skin, headaches, and muscle aches and pains.

Try it: Add a couple drop of rosemary essential oil to your bath water or try Nootka & Sea's Rosemary Hair & Scalp Tonic


Milder than peppermint, spearmint is refreshing, uplifting, and great for boosting mood and focus.  It's also helpful for digestive ailments.

Try it: Cleanse with Coast & Clearing's Sage & Spearmint Cold Process Soap or add a drop of spearmint essential oil to a carrier oil, and use it to massage your abdomen.



In addition to being cooling, basil is helpful for reducing muscle tension and is both relaxing and energizing.

Try it: Cleanse with 7 Chakras Soap Basil and Mint Whipped Soap or add a drop of basil oil to a carrier oil and apply it to the back of your neck to help with tension headaches.



Invigorating and uplifting, grapefruit's citrus scent is perfect for summer. It's also naturally antibacterial, making it great for skin (just be sure to avoid sun exposure for 12 hours after application as it can make skin more sensitive to the sun).

Try it: Boost your shower with   Is it Bathtime Yet?'s Pink Grapefruit Shower Steamers or try adding a drop of grapefruit essential oil to your wrists to benefit from its mood-boosting properties.

Wild Orange

Sweet and fresh, wild orange is uplifting and purifying, making it a great go-to oil, especially in the summer. 

Try it: Diffuse some wild orange oil or chill out with Sudsatorium's Night of the Bed Bubble Bath

Tea Tree

A natural antibacterial, tea tree oil is a great one to have in your arsenal.  It can also be helpful for healing skin, improving dry scalp, and fighting skin conditions.

Try it: Moisturize your scalp with Bestowed Essential's Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Shampoo Bar or add tea tree oil to jojoba or avocado oil, and use it to moisturize your cuticles.


Roman Chamomile

A calming scent, chamomile is perfect for relaxing, and is especially great at bedtime.  It can also be soothing for the skin.

Try it: Unwind with Kismet Essential's Day Dreamer Relaxing Mist Spray or place a couple of drops in your hands, rub them together, and inhale when you need a moment of calm.



With a sweet, floral scent, geranium is a grounding oil that can be helpful in reducing stress.  It's also a great oil for skin and hair.

Try it: Add one or two drops of geranium oil to your facial moisturizer or treat your whole body with Wild Jasmine's Floral Gardens Body Oil



With a clean and fresh scent, lemon is a a great multipurpose oil that is useful for cleaning, aiding digestion and more.

Try it: Add a drop of a food grade lemon essential oil to a glass of water to aid with digestion, or get cleansed with EcoDerma's Lemon Body Scrub



A warming oil, ginger is great for stimulating and balancing.  It's also a great oil for digestion. 

Try it: Burn Canvas Candle Co.'s Sweet Georgia Candle for an extra mood boost, or try creating a massage oil with ginger. 


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