The Easiest To Care for Plants for the Home

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Like getting outside, there are many benefits of bringing plants indoors.  In addition to reducing stress and improving your mood, plants can help to improve air quality by removing toxins.  If you lived near a particularly busy road, plants near your windows may also help to dampen any outdoor noise.  Plus, being a plant parent gives you something to care for which, in and of itself, can be beneficial for you mental health.  If you find it hard to keep your plant green and full of life, we've put together some of easiest plants to care for to help you step into plant parenthood.

Air Plant

Crystal Air Plant 3 Pieces Kit, $21, Etsy

Unlike its name might suggest, air plants don't survive on air alone, however, they do require minimal maintenance.  Because they require no soil, you can display them pretty much anywhere in direct or semi-direct light.  All that is required for care is to soak the plants every 1-2 weeks. Air plants are especially great for cleansing the air of dust, and are pet-friendly. 

Because aloe vera is a succulent, it's super easy to care for, and thrives in direct light and dry conditions, requiring infrequent watering.  Plus, aloe is a great plant for removing toxins from the air, and its leaves contain gel that helps soothe irritated, sunburnt, or dry skin.
 Peace Lilly
With beautiful blooms and gorgeous green leaves, peace lilies are one of the easiest to care for house plants.  They're available in a wide variety of sizes, so they're a good option for both table and floor plants, are very forgiving, and require moist soil and dusting.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant, Bloomscape, $35

Super easy to grow, the spider plant has beautiful, sweeping leaves. They require bright to low indirect light, meaning they work pretty much anywhere in your home, and are also great for purifying the air.


Jade Plant

Pothos Jade in Olmsted Planter, $44, The Sill

Also known as a money plant or a friendship plant, the jade plant loves bright, full sun, making it a great plant for next to the window.  Because it enjoys a dry, desert-like environment, you only need to water it about once every two to three weeks.


Kalanchoe tomentosa, "Panda Plant" , $7,  Etsy

Also known at the panda plant, kalanchoe is a cute, little succulent, meaning that it flourishes in full sun and bright light, only needing to be watered about once every two to three weeks.

Snake Plant

Bailey, $65, Bouqs

The snake plant is an easy-to-care for plant that does well in many different environments: any humidity works, and it can handle both low light and full sun.  The snake plant requires watering about once every two weeks, allowing soil to dry out fully between waterings.

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant, Teak Wood Pot, $128, Terrain

 An extremely hearty plant, the ZZ plant does well in low and indirect light, making it a great choice if you don't have a lot of light.  It also requires infrequent watering - only about once every couple of weeks.

Ficus Bosai Tree

Ginseng Grafted Ficus Bonsai, $40, ProPlants

Requiring little care, the ficus bonsai tree is an awesome tree for beginners.  They're able to tolerate both low light and any humidity.  The most tricky part of its care is ensuring that you are watering it properly - watering it thoroughly, and allowing it to dry completely before you water it again.

Rubber Plant

Rubber Tree Floor Plant, $40, ProPlants

With strong, sturdy leaves, the rubber plant or rubber tree does well in low to bright indirect light, and needs to be watered about once per week.

Available in so many different varieties, cacti are awesome because they do well in a variety of different levels of light, and works well to help clean the air, even if you don't have a lot of time to care for it.

Lucky Bamboo

Modern Lucky Bamboo, $30, ProPlants

Lucky bamboo is unique in that it can grow both in water and soil, meaning that you don't have to worry about watering it too frequently.  It does well in bright but not direct light, and needs any yellow leaves trimmed.  Plus, the plant is said to represent good luck and fortune.





Still too  much?  Check out these gorgeous faux plants - absolutely no care required!

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