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Whether you're too tired to read, like something to listen to while you're enjoying a bath, going for a walk, or cooking, are looking for something other than T.V., or aren't in the mood for music, podcasts can be a great option.  We've selected some of our favourite podcasts to inspire, uplift, and boost your mood.


The Melissa Ambrosini Show

Melissa Ambrosini is the author of "Mastering Your Mean Girl", a guide to silencing your inner critic, as well as a motivational speaker and advocate for self-love. In her podcasts, she explores topics like health, wealth, and love with her guests. 

Must-Listen Episodes to get started:


Happier with Gretchen Reuben

The author of "The Happiness Project" joins forces with her sister Elizabeth Craft and discusses happiness and creating positive habits. The candid conversation between sisters keeps things light, and shows that habits that work for one doesn't necessarily work for another. The Try this at Home and Happiness Hack portions of the show make it easy to take away from each episode so you can discover habits that are helpful for you.

Must-Listen Episodes to get started:


The Joy Junkie

Amy Smith is a confidence coach and self-love expert, and her podcast is described as "self-help for the sassy". Her and her husband, Mr. Smith, tackle topics like letting go of people pleasing and conquering fear. She tells it to you straight, and with a healthy dose of humour.

Must-Listen Episodes to get started:



The Lavendaire Lifestyle

Hosted by YouTuber Aileen Xu, The Lavendaire Lifestyle is podcast that focuses on personal growth and lifestyle design.  Her comforting and soothing voice carries you through a variety of self-improvement topics with her guests.

Must-Have Episodes to get started:

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The Mindful Kind

The Mindful Kind is a podcast that is centered around mindfulness.  Host Rachael Kable leads listeners through mindfulness journeys and provides simple and practical take-away tips.

Must-Listen Episodes to get started:




That's So Maven

Blogger behind the popular health and wellness blog 'The Healthy Maven', Davida, has a podcast!  In her episodes, she explores wellness and well-being with her guests.  Topics include body image, mental health, intentional living, and more.

Must-Listen Episodes to get started:

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