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We love how easy podcasts are to listen to, and think they're a great way to add a little extra self-care to whatever you're doing.  While we've previously put together our favourite podcasts for self-care, chronic illness, and mental health, podcasts can also be used to help soothe you into slumber.  These podcasts are specially designed to help your mind wander and relax, so that you're able to fall asleep more easily.  If you're someone who deals with insomnia regularly, they can also help provide you with a bit of comfort and company on difficult nights.

Sleep With Me

Sleep with Me is designed to be an storytelling podcast for adults. Host Drew Ackerman tells stories from his childhood, as well as stories from his many jobs that are lighthearted and provide you with a bit of company as you try to fall asleep.  There are even spin-off series such as Game of Drones inspired by Game of Thrones.

The New Yorker: Fiction

Hosted by New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman, authors read articles from past issues of the magazine, followed by a discussion, in this podcast which is part storytelling, part book club.

Sleep Whispers

Sleep Whispers is a unique podcast that has four different types of episodes, all spoken soothingly: Whisperpedia, educational episodes, Story Time, featuring bedtime stories, Fade Out, which are designed to bore you to sleep, and Chat episodes, which are updates and feedback.

Slow Radio

Slow Radio is a podcast that is truly designed to promote slowing down. The podcast highlights sounds to help soothe you and allow you to relax, such as nature sounds from different areas of the world, chanting monks, ancient noises, and more. 


Nothing Much Happens

Specifically designed to be bedtime stories in which nothing much happens, host Kathryn tells simple, soothing stories to help your mind wander and allow you to drift off.



If you feel experience a pleasant sensation from ASMR, chances are you'll enjoy this podcast.  Plus, it's a better option for falling asleep than ASMR videos, as you aren't being exposed to blue light.   Podcast episodes include soft speaking and whispers about topics like favorite movies or playing board games, but there are also sound-only podcasts.


A podcast specifically designed to help you fall asleep, Snoozecast reads excerpts from public domain poetry, fiction, children's stories, folk tales, and non-fiction works.  Pieces are specifically chosen to be interesting enough to capture your attention, but not leave you feeling like you need to stay awake to hear the ending.

Bore You to Sleep

Telling you short stories that are intentionally chosen to bore you to sleep, Teddy's voice calmly and methodically reads classics like The Wizard of Oz, Oliver Twist, and Tom Sawyer, that you're likely already familiar with, allowing your mind to drift off.

 Sleep Adventures

Visualization can be helpful for allowing your mind to relax and float into sleep, and this podcast is specially designed to guide you through this process.  One episode has you exploring a meadow, while the other has you walking along the beach. 

Sleep Meditation Podcast 

This ASMR podcast is specifically designed for sleep, but it also works to provide calming background noise.  Episodes feature nature sounds, ASMR noises, as well as soothing music, such as campfire noises or an episode focused on binaurual beats. 

Story Not Story

This unique bedtime story podcast is hosted by husband and wife team Craig and Chyna. Unlike other story podcasts, these stories are made up on the spot, allowing for the same free floating type of thinking that makes sleep accessible. 

Sleepy Radio

Sleepy Radio reads public domain stories that are chill enough to help prepare you for sleep.  Think Sherlock Holmes, Peter Rabbit, and Jane Eyre.  Plus, users are encouraged to request stories, allowing you to help choose the bedtime story you'd  like read to you. 


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