Best Uplifting Binge-Worthy T.V. Shows

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Let’s face it: there’s nothing quite like a good binge-watching session. Whether you’re in need of a day of rest, needing a quick stress relief at the end of your day, or aren’t feeling well, sinking into a great T.V. can be a great distraction. Plus, research has even shown that watching a series over time can help you to form connections with the characters, which can help relieve feelings of loneliness and provide a little comfort. Here are some go-to’s when you need a show that’s gonna boost your mood.



Available on: Netflix

It’s arguably one of the most binge-worthy shows ever, and we’re guessing that you might be able to recite practically an entire episode by heart. Yet, with iconic characters and lines, this sitcom that will bring a smile to your face and still seems funny even after all these years deserves a spot on this list.


New Girl

Available On: Netlix, Hulu, Purchase on Amazon

If you love Zooey Deschanel’s adorable character, New Girl is a must watch. While there’s plenty of funny moments, there’s also many sweet moments of friendship.


Parks and Rec

Available On: Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Purchase on Amazon

If the current political climate is too much, this satirical political show will help to bring some laughs. Set in an Indiana municipal parks department, its loaded with jokes.


Queer Eye

Available On: Netflix

It’s back! Although it focuses on style, decor, and self-improvement, the respectful conversations about lifestyle, race, and more are had with mutual respect, making this an easy show to sink into.


Modern Family

Available On: Hulu, Purchase on Amazon

It’s nearly impossible to get through one episode of this show without something striking your funny bone. With a variety of different personalities and viewpoints, you’re bound to find at least one character on this show you can relate to, plus it always comes back to focusing on coming together as a family.


Lip Sync Battle

Available On: Purchase on Amazon

If you just need some straight-up lightheartedness, Lip Sync Battle is one show that’ll do it for you. Celebrities like The Rock, Joseph Gordon-Levi, Channing Tatum, and Anna Kendrick lip sync battle to hit songs while L.L. Cool J and colour commentator Chrissy Tiegan are a great pair.


Fuller House

Available On: Netflix

If you Full House was a staple in your home during the ‘90s, you’ve probably already enjoying Fuller House. But even if you didn’t, the show continues the same lightheaded vibe that it used to have, along with guest appearances from some of our favorites from the original cast like Uncle Jesse and Danny Tanner.

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Available On: Hulu, Purchase on Amazon

While other medical shows can be downright stressful, Scrubs manages to keep things funny. The show centres around main character "J.D." Dorian and follows him through his internship to becoming a doctor over the course of the show’s nine seasons, and its face-paced comedy and moments of friendship are sure to keep your attention.


Golden Girls

Available On: Hulu, Purchase on Amazon

Starring Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty, Golden Girls centres around four older, single women living together in Miami, Florida. With excellent writing, the show really celebrates female friendship but also deals with many different controversial issues.

The Office

Available On: Netflix, Purchase on Amazon

Of course this mockumentary-style deserves a spot on the list! Following the staff at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, the characters in The Office are completely memorable, and the talented cast leads to some completely side split inducing ad libs.



Available On: Amazon Prime, Hulu, Purchase On Amazon

When lawyer Jeff Winger  played by Joel McHale has his license revoked, he is forced to go back to school, creating a study club filled with a mismatch of students, whose friendship and comedy bring the show together.


Grace & Frankie

Available On: Netflix, Purchase on Amazon

Starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as Grace and Frankie, this Netflix original pairs two women who were previously rivals, only to find out that their husbands were in love with each other. With no one to rely on but each other, this show is hilarious and edgy.


The Good Place

Available on: Netflix, Hulu, Purchase on Amazon

With Ted Danson and Kristin Bell, The Good Place is one of the most popular series on right now. Based upon Kristin Bell’s character entering the afterlife and trying to make amends for her past behaviour, this shows somehow blends lighthearted comedy with more serious discussions about life.


Brooklyn Nine Nine

Available On: Netflix, Hulu, Purchase on Amazon

So popular that fans brought it back, Brooklyn Nine Nine stars Andy Sanberg as Jake Peralta, a detective, in this comedy filled with one liners and plenty of smart writing.


The Great British Bake Off

Available On : Netflix

This charming show has a cast of amateur bakers completing three baking challenges each week in their quest to become Britain's best amateur baker.


The Mindy Project

Available On: Netflix, Hulu, Purchase on Amazon

Starring Mindy Kahling as Mindy Lahiri, this show centres around the Mindy’s OB/GYN practice and her life beyond, where she tries to expand her horizons in this relatable sitcom.


Fixer Upper

Available On: Hulu, Purchase on Amazon

Who doesn’t love Chip and Joanna Gaines? There’s something comforting about watching these gorgeous homes being created, plus the relationship between the shows’ hosts are adorable.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Available On: Netflix

Created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock and starring Ellie Kemper, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is filled with undeniable and contagious enthusiasm, combined with plenty of laughs.

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