Favourite Pets to Follow on Instagram for Animal Therapy

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It's no surprise that being around animals can be great for your mental health, from helping to reduce stress and anxiety and boost your mood.  If you're not able to be around a pet in your life - or are simply needing a dose of cute pictures and videos, we've put together some of our favourite animal accounts on Instagram to take your mind off of whatever is going on, and help you remember what is important in life.


Reagan is an super fluffy Australian goldendoodle who is a proud supporter of foster care and adoption, including his best friend, Little Buddy, who regularly appears in his Instagram photos.  The pair share an amazing bond which is featured in their books and calendars, sold in support of foster care.


The most popular bulldog on the internet, Manny's super cute costumes and featured friends will certainly make you smile.  However, his support of shelter animals and giving back will encourage you to stick around.


Forever celebrating the love between animals, harlowandsage's account is filled with plenty of cute cuddles, play, as well as features animals who are looking for adoption.



Super cute, on-trend, and uplifting, Pavlovthecorgi's account is a must-follow.  The captions are as great as the photos, and there's even an accompanying meme account.


Although a less traditional pet, Juniper and Fig are both beautiful domesticated foxes, known as the happiest foxes around.  In addition to all the cuteness, this account is a great resource for learning more about why foxes can make such great pets. 


 Maya is a super sassy,  long-haired English cream dachshund  who loves the colour pink.  Her brother, Winston, regularly appears on her feed, along with her cute bows and pretty outfits.


Lionel and Lilo are the pair of sweet hedgehogs that are featured on this account, regularly sharing their love of the outdoors and their favorite spots around Charleston, South Carolina.  The tiny hats, chairs, and pool floaties are worth a follow in and of itself.

Cute little 3 pound Nobert is a therapy dog who volunteers at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. He is a mixed Chihuahua, Cairn Terrier & Lhasa Apso who gives awesome high fives, and is featured in a couple of pictures books written by his mom.


With perhaps the most boopable nose ever, Tonkey is a beautiful Shar Pei whose bear-like body looks super cuddleable.


Known as The King of Dachshunds, Kingsley lives in Australia and shares his experiences of living large.


In addition to being a lovable Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Dexter shares motivational quotes along with his pictures, meaning he is super welcome in your feed.

This cute, jet-setting pair of pups is based out of California, but that doesn't stop them from travelling and exploring!  If you like seeing the world, this is an awesome, uplifting account to follow.
Nala is a beautiful Siamese/Tabby cat who was rescued from a shelter at 5 months old.  If you're looking for a sweet cat to pop up regularly in your feed, she's a great one to follow.
Hamlet is actually a therapy pig, gotten to help provide companionship to her own who lives with epilepsy.  Her account is filled with plenty of uplifting photos to help brighten your day.
Featuring an Insta-famous pup named Agador, poochofnyc showcases a city-living creature who rocks plenty of awesome outfits to help bring a smile to your face.


If you're in need of some gorgeous nature therapy, be sure to give Loki a follow.  The beautiful sheepdog is always on a new adventure. 

Bub, one of the most popular cats on the internet, was adopted after being found as the runt of a litter.  She has special needs, and is committed to raising funds for special needs animals.



Vonndogs features Olympian Lindsey Vonn's adopted pack, Lucy, Leo, and Bear, on their adventures around the world.



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