Gorgeous Faux Plants for Those Who Don't Have a Green Thumb!

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 We love the stress-relieving, happiness-boosting power of nature, and love bringing it into our home.  But, if every plant you buy ends up looking wilted and sad and you've sworn off plant parenthood, we've got you covered!  These gorgeous faux plants will help bring the beauty of nature into your home without any work on your part.


Faux Eucalyptus

There's something so soothing and spa-like about eucalyptus, and we think this would be perfect in a bathroom!  If you've got pets, faux eucalyptus is definitely the way to go as it can be poisonous to cats and dogs.

Faux Fern Hanging Decor

Inspired by Japanese moss, these come in a set a of three and are a great way to infuse nature into your space, even if you're short on shelf space.

Violet Rosemary Bush

With a soft, violet tone, this rosemary bush adds a soothing touch of colour to your space.  Plus, we love seagrass belly basket it comes in.

Decorative Rose Vine Garland

Add a touch of nature anywhere  you'd like with this rose vine garland!  We think it looks beautiful hanging from the ceiling, but it would also be pretty wrapped around a bedpost of column.

Artificial Succulent Planter Box

We love how real the succulents in this planter box look!  Plus, the maker will work with you to customize the color of the wood box and the jars so this centrepiece fits into your home.


Faux Plant Hanging

 This hanging decor piece is the perfect way to add texture and depth to any wall.


Faux Peony Plant Bouquet

Add a punch of colour to any room with this beautiful peony flower bouquet.

Faux Cactus Arrangement

We love how realistic these cacti arrangements are, and the vibes they give to any room.

Felt Air Plant

Made out of felt, these airplants are "planted" in cork and then put into a faux cement planter, and would make great desk decor.

Flowering Cacti

We love the pop of colour these flowering cacti add to any space!  Plus, they come in the perfect grouping of three.

Eucalyptus Plant Arrangement

Light and airy, this eucalyptus plant arrangement is perfect for any room, and we love the rustic metal container it comes in.


Felt Succulent or Airplant

Whether you opt for an airplant or one of the succulent designs, these cute felt plants would add a lovely little uplift to your desk or workspace.

Glass Globes with Faux Succulents

We love these cute hanging terrariums, which come with rocks and faux succulents.  Plus, they come in a set of three, so you can hang them separately or apart.

Nearly Natural Cherry Blossom Bonsai Artificial Tree

Bring a little bit of spring into your home all year with this zen-inspired artificial cherry blossom bonsai tree.

Terrarium Greenery

We love the dark, cozy warmth this terrarium greenery gives.

Cascading Faux Fern Plant

Add major jungle vibes to your place with this gorgeous cascading fern.



Potted Frond Succulent

We love the simple design of these frond succulents, which are planted in a concrete pot, and think they'd be perfect on a coffee table or nightstand.


Boxwood Plant

This full, lush boxwood plant is definitely farm house inspired, and adds something special to any room.

Opps Mini Artificial Plants

With cute inspirational quotes, this set of faux succulents and cacti would be a welcome addition to your desk.

Faux Bromeliad Arrangement

Add a pop of colour and some tropical vibes to any room with this amazing faux bromeliad.

Faux Cacti in Cement Pots

We love how realistic this set of cacti is!  They're planted with rocks in little cement pots, and would be great for grouping on a table or shelf.

Pink Peony Stem

 We love the simple, soft pop of pink this blooming peony adds.


This cute set of succulents are planted in terracotta pots, and we love the green and purple colours.

Felted Airplant in Glass Terrarium

This unique felted airplant comes in a glass terrarium with moss and rocks - or you can purchase it on its own to create your own display.


Supla Artificial Planter Arrangement

With 11 different succulents and cacti, this wooden planter box  would be great for a window box or porch.


The Bloom Times Artificial Greenery

 In a pot made of paper pulp, these mini greenery arrangements come in a set of two to add a touch of nature to your shelf or nightstand.

Succulent Charging Station

We love how this charging station combines function with natural inspiration.

 Faux Potted Agave Plant

This beautiful agave plant is super lifelike, and even has faux dirt!


Faux Potted Cathedral Cactus

We love how realistic this cactus looks! Its planted in a cement pot, and can work either on a table or on the floor.

Faux Single Stalk Banana Tree

Weighed down, this banana tree brings tropical vibes into your home and can be added to either a pot or basket.

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