Heartwarming Books to Read this Holiday Season

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We’re all for a good book - and if you’re looking for a festive, heartwarming read to pick up this holiday season, we’ve got you covered! Each of these books really captures the magic that Christmas is all about: think giving, love, and taking the time to slow down.

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Letters from Father Christmas

Written by J.R.R. Tolkien, this book is a collection of letters that he wrote to his children throughout the years, from the perspective of Father Christmas. With wonderful typography and illustrations, this book is truly magical.


Silent Night: The Story of the WWI Christmas Truce 

This book contains the true story of the WWI Christmas truce when, on Christmas Eve, both sides laid down their arms and celebrated, despite orders to continue shooting. Stanley Weintraub tells the stories of these men eating and drinking together, exchanging gifts, and playing games, complete with their letters and diaries.


The Snow Child 

. Based in Alaska, The Snow Child is the story of Jack and Mabel, an older childless couple, who is dealing with loneliness and isolation. One day, they build a snow child, only to find it gone the next morning and see a child running through the woods called Faina. Blurring the lines between mystery and fairytale, this book has amazing descriptions of the beautiful Alaskan wilderness, and focuses on beauty, joy, sorrow, and hope.


Amazing Peace

Written by Maya Angelou, Amazing Peace is a joyous poem that inspires togetherness and community. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations to go along with the words, making this a great book for all ages.


Winter Garden

Written by the author of The Nightingale, Winter Garden is another wonderful love story with strong female characters. The story focuses on Anya Whitson, who gathers her two estranged daughters around her bedside to tell them the story of her life, from living in Russia during WWII to current-day Alaska, in a story that captures the power of family love.


Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances 

Written by YA authors John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle , Let It Snow is a collection of three interconnected holiday romances, that are cute without being cheesy.

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The Book of (Holiday) Awesome

The Book of Awesome is a book filled with plenty of awesome little things that we often take for granted but are super satisfying. This book is the holiday edition, and is sure to remind you of all the awesome things like having all your Christmas lights work, and when the wrapping paper is just the right size for that gift.


Snowflakes and Coffee Cakes 

In a book that is reminiscent of a feel-good holiday movie, Snowflakes and Coffee Cakes tells the story of former journalist Vera Sterling who has moved to Addison Cove and is renovating a colonial home. She discovers secrets left behind by the owner of the Christmas Barn shop and also learns the tragic story of Derek Cooper  , and helps to bring the small town together through his annual Deck the Boats Festival.


Skipping Christmas

In this book that inspired the movie Christmas with the Kranks, Luther and Nora Krank decide to skip Christmas and set sail on a Caribbean Cruise instead. However, they discover (often hilariously) that skipping Christmas isn’t as easy as it all sounds, in this book that takes a look at the mayhem and stress we often put ourselves through during the holidays to remind us of what Christmas is really all about.


The Deal of a Lifetime

From the author of A Man Called Ove, The Deal of a Lifetime is a novella that has a father telling a story on Christmas Eve to his son he hasn’t seen in years about a 5-year old girl who is sick with cancer. It’s filled with a thought-provoking, sentimental message about the legacy we leave behind.


A Lot Like Christmas

If you’re looking for a quick read during the Christmas season, this book is perfect. Filled with 12 different Christmas stories, there’s everything from humourous to heart-warming and all of your favourite holiday traditions are touched on.


The Christmas Star

This heartwarming story centres around Amy Denison , who volunteers at an after-school program where she connects with young Maddie, a 7-year old in the foster system who happens to be a young matchmaker. This uplifting love story takes place all among the snow and beautiful holiday directions, and is a great read to curl up with.


Christmas Days: 12 Stories and 12 Feasts for 12 Days

We’re in love with this book, which is perfect for pulling out during the 12 Days of Christmas. There’s 12 bold, funny Christmas stories inspired by the writer’s personal life, along with 12 wonderful recipes.

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Mollie Makes Christmas: Living and Loving a Handmade Holiday

If you love getting creative, this book is one to have on your shelf. There are over 20 different seasonal gift and decoration ideas, with projects from knitting to crochet, to sewing and mixed media ideas, along with great instructions and pictures.


The Christmas Angel Project

This heartwarming story starts when the leader of a book club passes away shortly before Christmas. Her husband gives the four remaining members a special handmade angel ornament along with a note from his late wife, which inspires the group to become Christmas angels themselves this year to spread Christmas cheer and help in their own ways.

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The Autobiography of Santa

This book is a classic - and its for good reason. This story pairs historical fact with legend to tell of the magic of Saint Nick. There’s also 24 chapters that cover seventeen centuries of Santa, so this book is great for leading you all through December until Christmas Day.


The Adults

This hilarious and slightly dark comedy has divorced parents wanting to create a magical holiday trip for their daughter, Scarlett, so they decide to take her to a holiday resort along with their new partners. If you’re feeling unsure about spending Christmas with your family, this book provides humourous insight.


My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories

The 12 holiday stories in this anthology all have plenty of cozy-feel good vibes, and the characterization is fantastic, making this a great book to visit each year.



Greg Kincaid’s series of books follow the McCray family and their dogs, and are all heartwarming books about the power of pets as well as the importance and connection of family.


The Light in the Woods

The Light in the Woods tells of Raymond Kozak , a young boy who is nearing his first Christmas after he lost his father in the war. To keep him busy, his mother gets him a job working for the local clockmaker with his neighbour, Olive, where they make toys requested by the children in their letters to Santa. However, Oscar and Olive notice some curiosities like a friendly buck with a star on his forehead and a mysterious light in the woods and set out to find who they’re really working for in this story which captures the magic of Christmas.

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The Hygge Holiday

This feel-good book explores the Danish art of coziness or Hygge. Clara Kristensen arrives in a small, overworked English town to house sit and take over managing a toy shop. While there, she infuses the joy of hygge into the town, focusing on slowing down and appreciating the small things in life.


White Christmas: The Story of an American Song

This wonderful book tells the story of the song White Christmas, from how Irving Berlin wrote it to how it became such a popular Christmas song. If you love history, this book, filled with lots of tidbits, is an entertaining read.


A Secret Gift

Author Ted Gup found letters written to his Grandfather in response to a newspaper ad offering cash to 75 families for Christmas time during the Great Depression. In this book, he travels to visit each of these families, telling the story of hope in suffering, and creating a compassionate and uplifting book featuring the power of community.

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