16 Hobbies to Add to Your Self-Care Routine

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We all know that self-care can take so many different forms - a soothing bubble bath, an evening of Netflix, heading to bed early, or ordering in, but hobbies can be an important part of your self-care routine, too.  Whether you're into practicing something creative, looking for a relaxing activity, or looking to step outside your comfort zone, having go-to hobbies as part of your self-care routine can help to enhance your self-esteem, boost your mood, and add more enjoyment to your life.
Colouring for grown-ups has been a trend that's stuck around for several years, and we don't expect it'll be going anywhere anytime soon! Because they require your attention, colouring between the lines can help to enhance mindfulness, reducing stress and anxiety.  Plus, they're a fun way to express your creativity, allowing you to get as intricate as you'd like.  
Play an Instrument
Like listening to music, playing an instrument can help to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reducing stress. Plus, it can help boost your memory, improve your patience, and help you feel more accomplished, once you've finally nailed that next part.  If you're new to playing an instrument - or just looking to try something new - many public libraries now offer instruments available for borrowing, and there are plenty of free instructional videos available online.
Video Games
If you're passionate about some Netflix and chilling, gaming might be a go-to, couch-friendly hobby to try.  Whether you choose getting lost in another world, something ultra-competitive, or sticking to a more relaxing video game,  video gaming doesn't just work your thumbs: it can actually help to improve memory, co-ordination, and help you make quicker decisions. 
Learning a New Language
It comes as no surprise that polishing up your French or Spanish skills can help boost your brain power by improving memory, helping your concentration and listening skills, and improving your flexibility.  But, the benefits even move on from there, inspiring travel, helping you to learn and appreciate different cultures, to better connecting with others and even opening up career opportunities. Simple apps like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone make learning languages accessible, plus you can connect with others on MeetUp or watch a television show in a different language to continue to practice your skills.
We all know how great a home-cooked meal is, but the process of actually creating it is beneficial, too.  It helps you to become more connected with the food that you put into your body, and is a great way to nourish yourself.  Plus, it allows room for creativity, can be calming, and cooking for others is a great mood-booster, too.  Grab a new recipe from Pinterest, take an online cooking class on a site like MyBluprint, or experiment with new ingredients from a meal subscription box like Plated.
Practice Photography
With a camera being as accessible as grabbing your smartphone, photography is an easy hobby to get into.  In addition to being a way to express yourself creatively, getting behind the lens can help you to notice more beauty and small moments all the time, plus it can encourage you to spend some more time outside, and can help reduce stress as you focus on playing around to get that perfect shot.
A stress-relieving activity, puzzles have a ton of benefits for your brain:  improving your memory, problem-solving ability, and boosting your ability to notice details.  Plus, the accomplishment of completing you puzzle - or even just getting a piece just right, is an awesome mood-booster.
Make Your Own Skincare Products
Caring for your skin is an amazing act of self-care, but creating your own beauty products is a way to up-level this even more!  Creating your own products allows you to use super fresh ingredients that are free of any preservatives,  and you can customize products based on your own skin type and sensitivities.  Plus, there's something super creative about playing mixologist. Websites like Hello Glow and A Life Adjacent are great places to start playing around with DIY bath and beauty.
Learn About Astronomy
We're big fans of any activity that encourages you to enjoy nature and get a little more fresh air.  Plus, its absolutely fascinating!  Whether you're just waiting to enjoy a meteor shower, making an event out of the next lunar or solar eclipse, or getting more in-depth using binoculars and guidebooks to locate stars, this is a great hobby to escape into.
We all know how satisfying it can be to care for something else, as well as the benefits that being in nature provides. Gardening is an inherently slow activity that can help you to feel more connected and grounding in nature.  Plus, it results in something gorgeous to look at, or you can grow your own food or herbs, helping you feel even more connected to what you eat.
While it might seem like a rather common hobby, it's a great time to pick up a book if you haven't in a while.  Rather you opt for escaping into another world,  getting a new perspective with some poetry for self-care, or learning something new, reading is always a good way to spend your time.
Take a Dance Class
In addition to being great exercise and helping to improve your flexibility, dancing is an awesome mindful movement to help you express yourself creatively.  It's also a great way to improve your memory plus, as you need to be tuned into your body and the choreography, it occupies your mind, making it a great stress release.
If getting creative with blending, contouring, and trying new colours is your jam, there's no reason that doing makeup can't be a great hobby, too.  It helps you to take a little me time, plus you can work on highlighting the features that make you feel the most confident.  If this is something you're into, why not try stepping outside your comfort zone with new colours or techniques?  This can also be something that is completely for you - you can totally experiment with make-up even if you're staying in, and it might even perk your mood up a little bit.
The art of paper folding is beautiful and intricate and, because of this, it requires your concentration and focus, making it a great way to help relieve stress.  The great thing about origami is that there are so many different options - from whether you are a beginner making origami flowers to decorate with, to creating lucky paper stars to fill jars with, to folding for a cause such as Cranes for a Cause.
Start a Blog
Whether you're working towards a side-hustle or not, blogging is such a fun way to share what you're passionate about - whether it's cooking, healthy living, family life, crafting,travel, or home decor.  Not only does it give you this creative outlet to hone your writing and photography skills, but it can also help you meet new, like-minded individuals, share product recommendations, stay connected with friends and family, and share your own experience.  While there are so many different free blogging platforms to choose from, if a blog seems too overwhelming, try creating an Instagram account for something you're interested in in a sort of microblog.
A great way to up-level your walk and further explore your community and surroundings, geocaching involves solving puzzles, allowing you to hunt for real-world "treasure" using your phone's GPS.   Along with being a fun hobby, it gets you moving and help reduce stress and boost your mental health and thinking skills.  Plus, there are plenty of free apps to get you started, and its a fun activity to do with friends or hang solo.

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