How to Transition Your Hygge From Winter to Spring

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Hygge - or the Danish art of coziness - seems almost intuitive in the winter: plenty of warm drinks, cozy blankets, and soothing fires. But, just because the sun is coming back out again and the weather is warming up, doesn't mean you need to leave all the hygge vibes behind.  Continue to embrace hygge with these ideas which are perfect for spring.

Fresh Flowers

Nothing quite brightens up a room like some fresh flowers.  Pick some from the garden or grab some from the store, and place them in a vase in a room you're in often to add some colour and a lovely scent.



Treats are an important part of hygge!  While you may have been reaching for rich, butter-y cookies in the winter, maybe your spring bakes might be a little bit lighter - think fresh fruit pies, cheesecakes, and tarts.

Feel the Warmth of the Sun

Since warmth is such an important part of hygge, why not embrace the natural warmth of the sun?  Stretch out on the grass, sit on your porch, or go for a walk and soak up the Vitamin D.


Twinkle Lights

Twinkle or fairy lights are perfectly hygge, While they might be something that you associate a little more with winter, they're perfect for adding ambiance outside as you enjoy warmer evenings, or hang some up inside as the background for a movie night.

Switch Up Your Go-To Cozy Drink

While seasonal lattes and hot chocolate might have been your go-tos during the winter, you might like something a little lighter in the spring.  Try matcha tea or a cappuccino, or really switch things up by grabbing a green juice or kombucha instead.


Create an Outdoor Space

If possible, consider moving your hygge nook from an indoor to outdoor space.  We suggest plenty of cozy pillows and light blankets for cozying up with as you read a book or thumb through a magazine.

Lighten Up Your Scented Candles

Candles are a hygge essential - and we love them in spring, too.  Switch things up for the season for opting for lighter, floral or herbal scents. May we suggest Canvas Candle Co.'s Gypsy Soul scent with jasmine and lemongrass?


Make Brunch

While brunch is awesome anytime, all that satisfying breakfast food really brings out all the cozy vibes.  Be sure to take advantage of all that seasonal fruit!

Have an At-Home Spa Night

Warm water, soothing essential oils, and nourishing skincare products make for the perfect hygge evening.  Up-level it by wrapping yourself in a warm robe and burning a scented candle.


Have a Bonfire

The crinkling noise of fire is downright cozy and soothing.  While it might be too warm to have a fire indoors, why not enjoy the evening by warming up by a fire outside?



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