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Sleep is such a tricky topic!  Whether you're dealing with chronic pain, restlessness, or your mind just won't stop running, getting your Zzz's on isn't always the easiest thing.  For this reason, our box send out at the end of August was filled with products to help you relax and drift off into restorative sleep.


Aren't You Fancy Lavender and Flax Eye Pillow ($22)

With a sleep box in mind, we knew that we had to include a soothing aromatherapy product.  This lavender and flax eye pillow from Toronto designer Andrea fit perfectly.  Filled with a blend of flax seed and dried lavender from a pesticide-free farm in Ontario, this lightly scented eye pillow provides a nice, relaxing pressure across your eyes combined with the smell of lavender.  Hand sewn with (super cute!) cotton fabric, this eye pillow can also be used hot or cold and is especially helpful for headaches.



Good Common Sense Shower Steam Tab  ($3.55)

There's nothing like a warm bath or shower before bed.  Since we've included bath products in past months, I wanted to give shower lovers a treat this month!  Place this steam tab on the floor of your shower, and your shower instantly becomes a spa, filled with the essential oils of orange, frankincense, and rosemary.


Hazel & Ruby Crafternoon Dreamcatcher Kit ($19.99)

When insomnia strikes, it's often better to get up and do a repetitive activity instead of just laying there.  This Dreamcatcher Kit is perfect for this!  It's easy to make and, when you're done, you have a beautiful boho-inspired dreamcatcher you can hand near your bed.

The Deep Sleep Deck ($13.95)

Because sleep can be so complex, I wanted to include an item that had some helpful sleep suggestions.  The Deep Sleep Deck is awesome because it's not overwhelming like a book might be.  You can just keep the deck on your nightstand and pull out a card to follow when you're having trouble sleeping.  There are 50 natural sleep tips included. 

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