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In the middle of winter, I think we could all use a little bit of a pick-me-up!  For this reason, the box this month was refesh, and I curated a number of items that are designed to help renew both your body and mind, and leave you feeling a little cleaner and fresher.  




Red Lemon Wink Worthy Under Eye Serum

Whether you’ve had a rough night or just need something to soothe tired, puffy eyes, this serum will do the job!  Vitamin C, retinol, and Gamma Linolenic acid (sourced from pure rose hip oil) help to stimulate collagen production and protect the skin against free radical damage, while caffeine and Cypress help to repair the skin and increase circulation.

I know first-hand how difficult it can be to get a good night's sleep - especially when you're dealing with a mental health condition or chronic illness.  Though this eye serum won't help you catch up on those Zzz's you missed, it is super soothing for puffy eyes and helps you to look a little more awake - which can sometimes give you a little extra boost.


Twinkle Apothecary Dry Shampoo

For days when a shower just isn’t happening.  This dry shampoo makes it easy to freshen up.  Because it’s made with rice powder, it becomes translucent when it comes in contact with the oils in your scalp, meaning it works on any color hair and leaves no white residue.  Twinkle essential oil fragrance blends also means you get a lovely dose of scent!

I've never included a dry shampoo in a Caring Crate box - and I couldn't even tell you why!  There's nothing quite like a nice bath or shower to hit the reset button, but sometimes the energy just isn't there.  Dry shampoo is such a nice option to get freshened up quickly.  I'm also in love with all of Twinkle Apothecary's scents, and love that this dry shampoo is sort of like wearing a natural perfume in your hair.


Ecoderma Energizing Bath Salts

Made with epsom salts and calendula flowers, this bath soak is designed to help relieve muscle tension and pain.  The cinnamon and citrus essential oils help to provide a bath that is revitalizing.

Most often, the bath products included in Caring Crate are about relaxing and zen-ing out, so it was nice to include an item that was focused on uplifting and energizing.  The cinnamon and citrus scent is something really unique, and is perfect for those who aren't into flower-y or sweet scents.


Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

With gorgeous hand-lettering and pictures, this journal is designed to inspire creativity, mindfulness, and self-exploration.  Take some time to reflect as you work through this journal with open-ended questions, lists and more.

Journals are some of the most popular items that I include and we hadn't had one in awhile, so this fit perfectly!  I love that this journal is really different and encourages you to think outside the box and get to know yourself a little bit better.  The images are also absolutely beautiful!


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