Inside the Box: Snowed In

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With this year having been such a horrible winter, I really wanted this month's box to be full of cozy essentials to help bring some joy into the otherwise gloomy and cold landscape so much of us have been living in!  Our Snowed In box did just that, and we were lucky enough to be able to feature so many amazing Canadian makers this month.
Baking is such a wonderful form of self-care, but it can be a big endeavour to undertake when you're feeling worn down, which is why I love including baking mixes!  Dolled Up Desserts is a Toronto-based company who makes gluten-free and vegan premium baking mixes, which is awesome for anyone who is following a special diet due to chronic illness, plus they're natural and a healthier option.  We included The Monroe Blondie baking mix in this box, which creates a fudgy blondie with flavours of vanilla, maple, and almond.
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Blume Cacao Turmeric Blend
There may be nothing as cozy as a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day, but I wanted to take things up a notch by including a warm drink with benefits.  This rich cacao drink contains ashwaganda to help you de-stress, as well as spices like turmeric and black pepper to help reduce inflammation.
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There's nothing quite like a candle for setting the mood, and this cute mini soy candle smells amazing!  The candles are soy and vegan-friendly, and this Toronto-based maker offers a number of natural skincare and body products.
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This plant-based facial masque is loaded with antioxidants and works to exfoliate and detoxify the skin, plus it smells amazing thanks to the cacao, coffee, and vanilla flakes! Angela from Soul Sister Soaps also hand makes a variety of bath and body care products. Based out of Barrie, Ontario.
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We love aromatherapy! This all-natural cozy home aroma mist will boost your mood with scents of sweet orange, ginger, cinnamon, and clove.  Natura Soy is based in Okotokas, Alberta, and makes a range of eco-friendly candles and aromatherapy products.
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Simple design touches can add so much to your room, and making your space pretty can truly be an act of self-care.  This Scandinavian-inspired handmade paper star garland has accents of gold and pink, along with wooden beads. All products are handmade in Ottawa, Ontario.

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