Inside the September Box: Reset

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Because September is synonymous with back-to-school and often feels like a fresh start, I wanted to capitalize on this feeling and offer a box filled with products to help uplift, energize, and motivate.


The 100-Day Happiness Planner ($29.99)

A good planner is essential, and this Happiness Planner takes things up a notch.  Rather than just focusing on productivity, the Happiness Planner focuses on happiness, gratitude, mindfulness, positive thinking, and overall self-development.

FloraHue Uplift Aromatherapy Roll-On ($12.50)

If you experience any sort of brain fog or chronic fatigue, you know how hard it can be to break through that drowsy feeling.  I chose this roll-on from Ontario maker FloraHue because it's perfect for increasing energy and confidence.  It's made with lemongrass, clary sage, patchouli, and lavender, and has a wonderfully uplifting citrus and floral scent.

Inner Echo Wish Bracelet ($7)

Another item to keep you inspired and uplifted during the day! Made with gemstones with different meanings, this bracelet is designed to be worn everyday.  When the string begins to fray, then you know your wish is on its way.

Chocolate Tofino High Seas Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar ($3.95)

I knew I needed some good quality dark chocolate in this box - the cacoa is a great brain booster!  The bar that I chose is made in Tofino, British Columbia, and has a sprinkle of Pacific sea salt along the bottom.  It's utterly delicious and satisfying, plus a dollar from each bar goes towards conserving our oceans. 

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