Nature Therapy Playlist

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Whether you’re out for a walk in the woods or stuck inside during a rainy day, this playlist is intended to be grounding, balancing, and refreshing.

Cabin - Groenland

First Rain - Teen Daze, S Carey

The Flood - Joshua Hyslop

Fly (Acoustic) - Meadowlark

Let It Breathe - Water Liars

Shoulder to Shoulder Around the Fire - Rogue Valley

Gale Song - The Lumineers

Wild Country - Wake Owl

Lone Pine Hill - Justin Towes Earle

A Pocketful of Shells - Mat McHugh

Drifting - Nathan Ball

The Woods (Acoustic) - Hollow Covers

Horse to Water - Tall Heights

Trees - 21 Pilots

Oh, the Rain - Mighty Oaks

The Garden You Planted - Sea Wolf

Welcome Home, Son - Radical Face

Into the Wild - Lewis Watson

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