Self-Care for Empaths

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Empaths, also known as highly-sensitive people, are  those people who just feel everything. If you've ever been labelled as "too emotional" or "overly sensitive", or find yourself needing time to re-charge after being around others, chances are you're an empath.  While this is awesome for creating connections with others, taking on other's emotions can be incredibly draining.  These self-care suggestions are great for when you need time to re-charge.
When you're constantly taking on other's problems, it can be a huge weight on yourself, but you don't have to take it all on alone.  Even a monthly therapy session can be a great way to talk through all the emotions, thoughts, and feelings you've been holding onto with someone impartial.  If you're not able to get to therapy, using an online service like Talkspace can be helpful and convenient. 
Spend Time in Nature
As an empath, being in group situations and around a lot of people can be incredibly draining.  Spending time in nature can be a great way to help clear your mind and hit the reset button, as well as help to ground you in the present.
Practice Mindfulness and Meditation
Having the ability to be in the present moment is truly a skill, and mindfulness and meditation can help you to relieve stress and focus on what is really important.  Whether it's taking a few minutes to take a few deep breaths, using centering essential oils, or practicing a guided cleansing meditation for empaths, this can be an incredibly helpful part of your self-care routine.
Have Alone Time
Saying "no", being a homebody, or experiencing the joy of missing out is self-care, too!  Whether its watching a light-hearted show, getting creative, or just resting, being alone can be important to help you take the time to focus on yourself and refill your own cup before giving to others.
Release Your Feelings with Journaling
Like therapy, journaling can be a great way to release your emotions and reorganize your thoughts.  Try a stream of consciousness, where you simply work on getting out everything on your mind.  If you're feeling like you're having a little trouble focusing on the good, try a gratitude journal, where you write down three to five things you're grateful for each day to help you focus on the positive.
Limit Your Exposure to the News
While it's important to stay informed, if you're someone who is easily impacted by the experiences of others, tend to worry, or know that you're more vulnerable to certain topics, controlling the amount and type of news that you consume is an act of self-care.  Opt for a good news site, control what you view, or simply avoid it altogether until you feel ready.  Regularly checking in with yourself while you consume media to see how its making you feel is important, too.
Remove Yourself from Things that Are Draining
As an empath, its important to think about how you're feeling to determine if what you're doing is leaving you feeling worn-down or exhausted.  If this is the case, its a good time to reassess your calendar, cut down on these activities, and make more time for self-care.
Express Your Relationship Needs
Knowing yourself and being able to communicate what you need is an important skill for navigating relationships as an empath.  Perhaps you need to avoid yelling,  set a plan for socializing versus alone time, or maybe you need a certain type of communication.  Remember that communicating your needs is not being too sensitive or selfish - its an important part of taking care of you.
Set Boundaries
Because of your empathetic nature, its natural that people feel comfortable coming to you.  But this doesn't mean that you have to be available all the time.  It's perfectly acceptable to say you'll call or text someone back later, or that you simply don't have the emotional bandwidth to take something on right now. Simply asking yourself "is this mine?" can also be helpful for distancing yourself and avoiding taking on too many feelings and emotions.
De-Clutter Unfinished Projects
Being an empath can mean dealing with a lot of input and outside noise, and constant reminders of current projects and clutter can only make you feel more frazzled and overwhelmed. Keep your space sacred by getting rid of or putting away things that you don't need to ensure you have the space to recharge.

Make Time for Laughter and Lightheartedness
When you're constantly feeling everything, certain emotions can become heavy.  Whether its watching a funny sitcom or movie, listening to a comedy podcast, or just finding humour in your daily life, don't forget to feel the lighter emotions, too.

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