The Best Books for Self-Care

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Sometimes, there's no greater comfort than curling up with a book that you know is going to help you feel refreshed and reinspired.  We've rounded up our favourite books that deserve to become a staple on your shelf for whenever you have a few moments to focus on you.


A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living

Emily Ley is all about working to simplify your life so that you can intentionally focus on the things that truly matter.  In this book, Emily provides simple systems and tools to help you prioritize what really matters and clear out what doesn't. The book provides tips for all areas of your life, including meal planning, home, style, finances, and more.


Eat Your Feelings: The Food Mood Girl's Guide to Transforming Your Emotional Eating

Eat Your Feelings is all about listening to your body and nourishing your being.  Lindsey embraces the things we most crave when we're stressed - salty, sweet, crunchy, cheesy, and more - and remakes them so that contain mood-boosting ingredients that will help you feel better even long after you eat. What we love most is the underlying tone that focuses on being kind to yourself. 


Slow Beauty: Rituals and Recipes to Nourish the Body and Feed the Soul

If mindfulness, bubble baths, and face masks are your version of self-care, this book is for you! The book is filled with ideas for breathing exercises, meditations, and how to create your own mantra.  There are also plenty of recipes for homemade scrubs and body oils, as well as nourishing teas, soups, juices, and smoothies.


Now is Your Chance: A 30-Day Guide to Living Your Happiest Life Using Positive Psychology

Niyc Pidgeon is a Positive Psychologist who is sharing a 30-day guide to help women embrace a happier lifestyle. The book provides coaching and ideas in a voice that is authentic and inspiring.


My Friend Fear: Finding Magic in the Unknown

In this beautiful watercolour book, Meeria Lee Patel focuses on embracing fear and how powerful it can be in helping us to make changes.  The book contains both Meeria's personal reflections as well as questions for your own reflections and inspirational quotes to help you become a little more comfortable with the feelings of fear.


The Self-Love Experiment: 15 Principles for Becoming More Kind, Compassionate, and Accepting of Yourself

"The Self-Love Experiment" is all about loving, embracing, and accepting yourself so that you go after what you want. Shannon shares her own experiences and struggles with working towards loving herself, in a way that is honest, refreshing, and powerful.


Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone

All of Brene Brown's books are powerful words of love, empathy, and courage, and "Braving the Wilderness" is no exception. This particular book focuses on being authentic and true to yourself in a world that encourages perfection and shrinking yourself down.


You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

If you're in need of a serious dose of motivation, "You are a Badass" is a book to grab.  The book is divided into short chapters, with exercises and stories to help you overcome self-doubt and self-sabotage, learn to embrace what you can't change, and make changes in your life to the things you're not in love with.


The Sun and Her Flowers

Rupi Kaur is one of our favourite poets, and this book is a beautiful collection of words for reflection.  This particular book is divided into five chapters: wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming, encouraging you to self-reflect, ground yourself, and build yourself back up again.


Depression & Other Magic Tricks

Sabrina Benaim is a performance poet who tackles topics like mental health, love, and family.  In this book of poems, she speaks on struggle, depression, heartbreak, triumph, celebrating life, and living. For when you need to feel a little less alone or have your feelings put into words, this is a book that will bring comfort.


Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person

You might know that Shonda Rhimes is the creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, but you might not know that she struggled with avoiding public appearances or found herself having panic attacks before them.  For a year, she challenged herself to say "yes" to the things that scared her.  This book is a look into her journey as she explored and discovered her true self and what she was capable of.


Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream

Gala Darling has struggled with depressing, an eating disorder, working jobs that she hated, and living a life she didn't love.  From this, she developed the radical self-love method, which is all about discovering what makes you incredible and celebrating this through adventure, manifestation, and self-expression. The book contains valuable exercises and practical advice to help you encorporate these ideas into your life.


The Positivity Kit

The Positivity Kit is an interactive book that really focuses on brightening up your daily life.  It's filled with plenty of practical exercises that are chosen to help boost happiness like creating a gratitude list, drawing your dream house, writing a thank you note to a stranger, and listing 30 ways to spend your free time.

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Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out

"Eat Pretty" focuses on nutrition that is awesome for your skin and nails, as well as helpful in managing stress, living mindfully, and balancing hormones. The book is broken up to help you learn more about the benefits of specific foods, plus there are plenty of yummy recipes.

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every body yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get on the Mat, Love Your Body

In addition to introducing you to yoga or helping you fall back in love with yoga, every body yoga is all about accepting your body and sharing the wide range of definitions of beauty.  We're in love with the difference sequences that focus on how you want to feel like "I Need to Chill the F Out", "I Want to Energize My Spirit," and "I Need to Release Fear".

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The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well

Hygge, or the Danish philosophy of comfort, togetherness, and well-being is something that many people are falling in love with. This book truly breaks down how to incorporate hygge into your daily life like getting comfy, becoming more mindful, building relationships, and giving yourself a break.


Essential Glow: Recipes and Tips for Using Essential Oils

If essential oils and DIY products are your jam, this book by the blogger behind Hello Glow is an essential. The book covers the different essential oils and breaks them down into what ones are perfect for soothing you, and which ones to reach for when you need a little uplift.  There's also plenty of recipes for beauty products, your home, and general wellness, as well as essential oil blend ideas for specific ailments.

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