Year in Review: Our Top Posts of 2018

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As 2018 comes to a close, we wanted to re-share some of our top blog posts from 2018. This collection is filled with the self-care, chronic illness, self-love, mental health, and self-improvement posts you loved most.


#8: 6 Activities to Develop a Better Relationship with Yourself

Julie Reisler’s book “Get a PhD in YOU: A Workbook to Miraculous Self-Discovery” is all about getting to know and discover yourself. In this post, she shared 6 simple activities that you can incorporate into your self-care to help get in better touch with yourself and discover what you want and need.


#7: 13 Best Instagram Accounts for Chronic Illness

Instagram has a great chronic illness community, and can be a great place to connect with others and feel supported if dealing with chronic illness in making you feel a little isolated or alone. In this post, we shared some of our favourite chronic illness Instagram accounts that are filled with messages of understanding, compassion, and realness.


#6: Best Instagram Accounts for Self-Care

We often think of bubble baths and face masks when we hear the word ‘self-care’ but it truly is about so much more. This post contains the accounts we most turn to for inspiration when we’re looking for new self-care ideas, supportive words and messages of self-love, and total wellness inspiration.


#5: Disney Quotes to Make You Smile

Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? In this post, we put together some of our favourite uplifting and positive Disney quotes for whenever you need a quick mood boost.


#4: 10 Best Apps for Chronic Illness

We love us a good app! This post is filled with apps that can make living with a chronic illness a little bit easier - think medication management, tracking symptoms, and organization apps to help you stay organized when you’re experiencing fatigue or brain fog.


#3: 9 Best Apps for Your Mental Health

We could all use a little more time to focus on our mental health, and these apps are a convenient way to do so. Whether you’re looking to try meditation, shift to more positive thoughts, or connect with a licensed therapist without needing to make an office appointment, these apps can provide much-needed support on your smartphone.


#2: 13 Mental Health Podcasts to Listen To

Podcasts were big in 2018, and we expect that this trend will continue into 2019 - they’re just so easy to listen to whether you’re working, driving, or out for a walk. These podcast recommendations contain everything from improving your mental wellness to specific tips for dealing with depression and anxiety.


#1: 19 Songs with Popular Self-Love Lyrics

We’re in love with a good playlist here, and it looks like you are, too! This post contains some of our favourite songs that have a great message of self-love, as well as the lines from them we love, for whenever you need a little boost.

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