Love Yourself Box {Ships Immediately)

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This box was designed to help you pamper yourself and encourage a little extra self-love. 

This box contains:

Luvmilk Aphrodite's Temple Milk Bath: Soothe your skin with this softening milk bath with scents of rose, honey, peaches, and vanilla.  Add the amount you want to warm bath water based on how much you want to indulge!  The lactic acids gently exfoliates skin while you soak in lovely pink tinted water.

Woash Wellness Me Time Tea:

Let this tea encourage you to take a moment for yourself and nurture your body.  This caffeine free tea is made with a blend of herbs that are designed to help relieve stress and anxiety, and leave your body feeling more balanced. It's also helpful before bed to promote a restful sleep, and has light floral and citrus tones.

Maskeraide Rose All Day Peel-Off Mask:

This luxe mask is designed for all skin types and has flakes of real 24K gold!  Its ingredients help to minimize pores and refine your skin`s appearance, leaving you with a gorgeous, natural glow.


I Heart Coloring Flowers Coloring Book:

Unwind and create some beauty with this floral colouring book.  Get creative with the watercolour pencils or, because this book is small enough, you can easily throw it into your bag to take it on the go. Because it requires your focus, colouring is a great activity when you need to slow down or feel  reinspired.


Eatable Pop the Champagne Popcorn:

This artisan, hand-crafted popcorn is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Non-GMO popcorn is coated in Belgium white chocolate infused with champagne extract, and sprinkled with popable sugar crystals. Enjoy!


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