10 Ways to Practice Self-Care Without Leaving the House

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With so many of us practicing self-distancing and needing to be in our homes more, it's easy to become caught up in trying to be productive.  But we can make the most of this time and use it to focus on slowing down and practicing self-care.  Here are a few ways to practice self-care at home to help you love and nourish yourself.
Cook or Bake
There's a reason you're seeing so many people baking bread on Instagram: because baking and cooking is such a great way to nourish your body and is something that we don't often have time for.  Because it can be more difficult to get the ingredients you need, perhaps try checking out a meal-delivery kit like Hello Fresh or Home Chef. Or, make it a Chopped style game by choosing a few items from your pantry to cook with.  You can also search for local farmer's produce boxes for delivery if you're needing to re-stock your pantry.  If you're looking for something fun to bake, Foodstirs offers plenty of fun baking kits like Polar Bear Cupcakes and Rainbow Surprise Spill Kit to get you started. Or, see if your favourite bakery offers curbside pick-up of undecorated sugar cookies for you to get creative with.  If you're new to the kitchen and wanting to learn the basics, The Kitchn's Cooking School is a great resource to get started.  
Learn Something New
While you certainly don't need to worry about trying to be extra productive during this time, if you are feeling the itch to take on a project, this is the perfect time to step outside your regular routine and learn something new.  Maybe you practice a language you've been wanting to perfect with a free app like Duolingo, practice your chords on that guitar you haven't quite mastered yet with Fender's free online classes,  take one of Brit + Co's courses which range from art to business, to design, to lettering, or go back to class and take one of Coursera's free courses.
Living in a cluttered environment can make it really difficult to focus or calm your mind.  If you feel like having a clean or organized space would make you feel even better, why not take this time to spruce up the areas you're feeling are too cluttered.  A few simple tips include creating a space for everything, sorting through your paperwork (which can easily be done while watching Netflix), and choosing to keep only the things in your home that you love. 
Read that Book You've Been Meaning To
Is there a read that you've been eyeing yet haven't had time to pick-up yet?  Now is the perfect time to escape into another world.  With so many public libraries closing, libraries are offering even more ebook resources, so don't be afraid to check your local library's website even if you know they're closed, or look them up on Libby. Amazon also offers several Free Ebooks and, if reading is too overwhelming, Audible is currently offering a free audiobook of your choice to get you started. If you're someone who prefers kicking things old school, check your favourite local book store for curbside pick-up or search for the nearest Barnes and Noble.
Use Tech to Connect with a Friend
Just because we're physically distance doesn't mean that we have to be socially distant.  Using the power of tech is a great way to ensure that you stay connected with friends and family and don't feel isolated.  Video chats work awesome and make online book clubs, cooking dinner together, or having a virtual coffee date easy.  If you're looking for something a little more structured, there are also plenty of ways to play games online with friends.  Jackbox Games offers a number of fun party games that are easy to play over Zoom, use House Party to play games like Heads Up! and trivia,  play your favourite board games like Cards Against Humanity online, or kick it old-school and play Mario Kart Tour on your phones.


Shut Down Social Media
While Instagram and other social media platforms are a great way to stay connected and enjoy awesome content, if you find that your social media time isn't making you feel uplifted, inspired, or relaxed, try to make it a goal of yours to do a little digital detox.  Instead of trying to come up with the perfect caption to your snaps, take a little time to self-reflect with a journal, or send an old-fashioned letter to a friend.
Have a DIY Spa Day
Whether getting your nails done is a part of your regular self-care or not, doing a little DIY day at home is a wonderful way to slow down and indulge in caring for your skin and body. Maybe give yourself a pedicure with Seriously Shea Soothe and Soften Foot Scrub or unwind with Soon Skincare's Peony Foot Mask or Soul Sister Soaps Cacao and Coffee Clay Facial Mask. Or, use what you have at home and make one of these DIY Bath Soaks for Self-Care or a DIY Face Mask.
Grab a Puzzle
There's a reason so many of us are turning to puzzles for a quarantine activity!  They're an awesome, time-consuming activity that allow you to let go of everything on your mind and focus on what's in front of you.  Because there are so many different difficulty levels, it's an easy activity to get into, no matter what level of commitment you're up to making.
Craft & Create
Crafting and creating is such an awesome way to spend your time.  Not only do you get to enjoy the process of creating, but you get something to show off.  We have craft kits in our shop to get you started like The With Love Shop Wooden Coaster Kit, Cozy Blue Mandala Embroidery Kit, or Draw, Sticker, and Letter Creative Lettering Sketchbook.  Or, try to stretch your creative abilities and try one of Bluprint's free craft classes.
Workout at Home
Exercise has so many awesome benefits for both your mind and body and can be a great way to burn off extra energy if you're dealing with anxiety at this time.  So many trainers on Instagram are offering free programs or live workouts that you can get started with for free.  Otherwise, check out channels like Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, or try Peloton's 90-Day Free Trial or Class Pass's At Home Program to take workout classes from home.   If you're someone who thrives from a group environment, do a workout with a friend over Zoom, or check out your favourite studios to see if they're offering virtual classes.

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