A Playlist for When You're Feeling Lonely

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We’ve all been there - maybe you’re feeling isolated for good reason, or maybe you’re surrounded by people, but still feel like you’re going it alone. Both are valid, and both an equally unpleasant feeling that can be hard to escape. If you’re craving a little bit of comfort, we’ve put together this list of songs to help you feel a little less alone and hope you are able to find a moment of peace.

Soldier - James TW

Silhouette - Active Child ft. Ellie Goulding

Old Friend - Darlingside

Chemicals - Gregory Allen Isakov

Waiting Around - Aisa Badru

My Arms Were Always Around You - Peter Bradley Adams

Sister - Haux

Arms - The Paper Kites

Another Lonely Day - Ben Harper

Something Familiar - Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker

Louisa - Lord Huron

Thunderbolt’s Goodnight - Josh Ritter

Wildfire - SYML

Flaws - Chloe Foy

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