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Your Instagram feed is a sacred place - and should be filled with photos that leave you feeling uplifted, inspired, and comforted.  These Instagram accounts are our favourites for snaps and captions that promote positive and realistic self-care.

page 197 from #thesunandherflowers chapter 5 - blooming 6 more days


Rupi Kaur is an incredible poet - and it just so happens that she also regularly touches on topics like self-care and self-love. On her Instagram feed, you can expect bite-sized pieces of poetry alongside her illustrations.

The best choice I ever made was to leave it all behind to follow my heart. When I first left corporate to follow my heart and become a writer, I had no idea how life-changing that decision would become. It allowed me to quit my soul suffocating career in advertising to do work that feels joyful. I left depression, addictions and anxiety behind. I created a thriving wellness website and community and build an award-winning brand that helps others, while also supporting those I care about. Do you dream about working for yourself? Do you have talents, skills and a passion you'd be interested in turning into a profit? If you fantasize about working for yourself (or you're already trying but struggling to get your footing), you don't have to do it alone. Today I want to share the best business training to teach you how to build a thriving business, just like I did (even if you're not sure what you want to do yet!). My business mentor, @marieforleo just released the first free online workshop The Six Pillars to Building a Highly Profitable Business Online. She rolls up her sleeves and gives stellar tips that you can start implementing in your business (or business planning!) today. Because if you're like I was, you can no longer settle or stay in any situation that is hurting your soul. There is something in your that the world needs, let your true self shine. Watch this free business training workshop to get you there. Link in bio. #free #freetraining #bschool #inspiration #findyourhappydaily #playwiththeworld


Shannon Kaiser is the bestselling inspirational author behind books like "The Self-Love Experiment". Her feed is filled with reassuring quotes that encourage you to work towards being your best, as well as lovely lifestyle photos.

Something that's really been bringing me a lot of joy lately has been creativity for the sake of creativity⠀ .⠀ I'm beyond lucky to be able to flex my creative muscles for my work, like hello dream come true. The only downside is I wasn't taking enough time to create outside the blog .⠀ over the little holiday break I busted out my water colors and painted for the heck of it. it felt amazing. I'm trying to make it a ritual along with shutting the laptop at 6pm (instead of lingering online and kinda working through the night) .⠀ how do you flex your creative muscle? (and this goes outside just art guys, I'm a believer that sports is creativity too)


Georgie is the blogger behind In It 4 The Long Run as well as the podcaster behind The Chasing Joy Podcast. Her uplifting feed shares well-rounded wellness tips, authentic self-care, and positive reminders to embrace you.

You only get one you. ♥️ {Quote from inside our new isssue}


Thoughtfully Magazine is a publication that focuses on self-care and wellness, as does their Instagram account!  Expect plenty of positive quotes as well as images to inspire your self-care.

we're often searching we search for who we are we search for love yet, the love we search for is who we are and that love has resided within all along continue to seek but seek inward seek to return to yourSelf seek to return to love comment "I am love" below @divethru_


Sophie Gray is all about self-acceptance and self-love, both of which she regularly shares on her Instagram account.  We're also in love with her thoughts, which spread this message even further. 

alexandra elle on Instagram: "my daily mantra. what's yours?"


Alexandra Elle is an author who focuses on hope, intentional living, and the journey of motherhood.  Her regular posts of encouragement, affirmations, and mantras definitely deserve a place in your feed.

I had a rough day yesterday filled with anxiety and doubts. I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself lately and it's been unhealthy. In addition to that, the pressure of blogging and influencing in general has been very heavy lately. I know many of my blog friends will agree with that. Blogging full-time is a dream but it's not an easy job for easy money. It's just not. It's hard work and dedication, and like yesterday, some days are filled with tears and frustration. "I didn't come this far to only come this far." This is playing on repeat in my mind today & I'm totally printing it out to hang in my office to serve as a daily reminder. I'm not done. I have so much farther to go. When you're feeling down & out, what's a reminder that encourages you to keep going? * * * * * #abmathome #lifegivingsquares #rewardstylebloggers #deskdecor #habitandhome #smpliving #myhomevibe #pocketofmyhome #theimperfectboss #gritandvirtue #wellwateredwomen #tuesdaystogether #horacioprinting #targetstyle #communityovercompetition


Summer is the blogger behind Coffee with Summer, where she covers topics like self-care, authenticity, fashion, beauty, and more. On her Instagram, you can expect plenty of real talk, gorgeous and uplifting home decor, self-care encouragement, and more.

Attempting to make my desk more inviting on a Monday The essentials: tea (White Rose @numiorganictea 🤤), pretty books, and a handwritten thank you note. What keeps you inspired at your desk? ☕️ #deskvibes #theblissfulmind


Catherine is a mindset coach and promoter of self-care and mindfulness. Her uplifting Instgram feed is filled with thoughts to help you feel a little more calm, self-aware, and blissed out. 

what's the deal with CBD? today on the blog i'm talking all about CBD and my experience taking 5 different products (including this CBD bath bomb above) ‍♀️ CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive part of the plant that helps users get the benefits of cannabis without the high. CBD alone does not get you high and is legal in many parts of the country! CBD has been used for treating insomnia, anxiety and depression, chronic pain, and inflammation amongst many other things. i tried as many products as I could before forming a conclusive opinion on CBD. i also talk about which products to buy for which symptoms, how to find them, and if it PERSONALLY helped me with my anxiety, period cramps, and if i'd buy them again. the blog post is not sponsored. link in bio! #leefromamerica


While Lee is a promoter of healthy living, it really all comes down to one thing: balance. Her Instgram shares plenty of wellness tips, beautiful messages about self-love, self-care, and slowing down, and gorgeous plant-based food inspiration.

This weekend I... . Drank wine in the park Watched at least 6 hours of television Organized my kitchen cupboards Went to soulcycle Got brunch with a friend Spent a whole day in our guest bed Read a book on the phases of the moon Did a spa night featuring my favorite face masks Baked muffins . None of this made it onto to social media... . I and I'm guessing many of you get stuck in the idea that if it didn't make it onto the 'gram, it didn't happen. Here's my reminder that you don't need to prove anything to the world. I'm the first person to admit that social media is a positive thing (I wouldn't be here without it!), but all those unglamorous experiences you collect are equally as important as the highlight reel. You don't need to prove your self-care...or your self-worth. You show it by going out into the world and being a good human. That is all️ . What did you do this weekend that didn't make your highlight reel? : @bettinabogar . . . . #selfcare #selfworth #selflove #selfloveclub #selflovesunday #selfcaresunday #intuitiveliving #intuition #abmathome #theeverygirl #mindbodygram #iamwellandgood


Davida is a healthy lifestyle blogger and podcaster, and she really focuses on living a life that truly feels good. In addition to yummy recipe inspiration, you can also expect holistic health tips and favourite products, reassuring words about doing what's right for you, and gentle and realistic reminders about self-care. 

today was everything not only the first day of 2018... but also one full year of being with the love of my life. we celebrated in all of our favorite ways. @honeyhi, @erewhonmarket, lots of yoga, all of the dandelion tea & smoothies, intention setting, journaling and planning out our adventures for the year. as you can see, my 2018 intentions have a lot to do with grounding. major self care and healing will take place this year, I can feel it. it's my top priority & it's time to feel my absolute best. lots of blog posts to come about all of my above intentions & more. tell me what YOU want to see this year... that's what it's all about. HAPPY 2018 FAM! 🧘‍♀️ #tbbmademedoit #soulonfire


Jordan shares a look into how she lives incorporates self-care, holistic wellness, yoga, and more into her daily life on her Instagram account.  We're in love with her authenticity and how she shares her journey.


Like any other human, you deserve the grace and allowance to make mistakes, to cry, to get angry, or to step away from something because it's not working for you. You don't need to appear like you've got it together all the time - because none of us really do. Forgive yourself for the moments you're a little unpolished and allow yourself to be in those difficult moments, so that you can come back when you're ready.


We couldn't leave ourselves out!  Our Instagram feed is filled with realistic and authentic inspiration about different aspects of self-care, as well as reassuring quotes about taking time for you.



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